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Online Casino: Reliable or to Avoid?

In the small world of gambling, and more particularly with regard to online casinos, a question arises repeatedly: are these online casinos really as reliable as physical casinos? This is a subject to which we will attempt to provide an answer in the remainder of this article.

To begin with, it is important to know that until 2010, online casinos were not regulated in France and as a result, the market has developed at great speed, updating many small players who are more or less serious and reliable. Following this lack of seriousness, theArjel finally decided to react and at the same time, that we should not miss this opportunity to enrich ourselves thanks to this market with turnover of several hundred million each year.

Arjel, aka the online gaming authority, therefore cracked down and announced that from now on, it alone would be able to designate which will be the legal casinos in France to be able to operate in the online gaming market. The rules established are simple and mainly concern the payment of colossal dividends for the sole and simple purpose of being able to hold the famous sesame.

This way of acting on the part of Arjel has been highly criticized and some do not hesitate to consider it a mafia practice.. Today, and after several successive changes to the laws, it has been decided which only sports betting and poker sites would be able to obtain a license from Arjel.

However, This does not mean that French players have stopped betting in the online casinos, quite the contrary! just use a VPN to change the location of your IP address to be able to enjoy online casinos around the worlde. Online betting is very successful and the French are increasing their bets on baccarat, blackjack, roulette and even slot machines.

Determine the seriousness of an online casino

Needless to say, Not all online casinos have a good reputation. To bet safely and ensure the reliability of the online casino, you will need to find out but, however, not all sources of information are reliable or should be taken with a pinch of salt. Determine which licenses are trusted, if your personal data is effectively protected, if customer service is available to you in the event of a problem. So many markers that will determine the seriousness of an online gaming establishment.

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Then comes the games themselves. Are they easily accessible, are the rules clear and well explained? Let’s not forget that the goal when you play money at the casino is precisely to win the jackpot ! if you want to put the maximum chances on your side, you will have to learn the various games and their rules but also determine the casino’s redistribution rate. A lot of information to understand, of course, but in the end, what maximize the probability of turning the luck in your favor.

Determine the relevance of bonuses

In the small world of online games, the best, most reputable casinos are also generally the most generous in bonuses. On this point, we will then explain to you how to be assured of the conditions for withdrawing winnings generated by bonuses.

Then, in this virtual world of online casinos, you have to be sure that assistance is present and easy to reach. As long as everything is going well we usually don’t think about this point, but in case of a problem or question, it is imperative that the latter be reachable, warm and available.

Last point, it is about ergonomics and of design of the site in question. Choose the one that gives you the most satisfaction aesthetic level and which seems easiest to use. More than ever, the atmosphere it gives off should suit you, because it is indeed an online game and each part must not become a constraint.

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