Optimize the performance of your MacBook Pro with quality components

Mac motherboard, coolers and other important details. Find out which quality parts influence the durability of your MacBook and whether you can change them.


There is no need to go into details. An effective cooling mechanism is an essential part of any heavy-duty equipment. If you game on your laptop or work with Photoshop and video editors, the MacBook Pro can get very hot, even with high-performance processors. So replace your outdated cooling system with a more efficient option. Modern innovations make it possible to choose between internal and external cooling stations.


Compatibility with other components is another potential problem with computer motherboards. Apple designs its logic boards to be distinct, so not all models can simply swap parts. The safest approach is to stock up on official Apple replacement parts and have the necessary repairs carried out by qualified technicians. It is sometimes possible to replace the motherboard in a newer MacBook, but this is not the case for all models and generations.


All batteries are designed to complete a certain number of charge cycles. If you are buying a used MacBook Pro, this aspect is particularly important. You can monitor the number of charging cycles, but some malicious users reset this counter to zero. It is recommended to change the battery immediately to get the most out of your laptop.


MacBooks come with different storage capacities: 128 GB, 256 GB, etc. After several years of use, customers often regret their decision and want to improve memory usage. To do this, a high-quality SSD drive can come in handy. This is more of an exterior detail than a quality part, but it can significantly change the performance of the laptop.


Some users connect external mechanical keyboards to their MacBook to make typing easier. There is no need to take such drastic measures. Replacing a keyboard with a new one can reduce the number of typos and improve tracking. This is especially meaningful for users who type a lot of text and do it quickly. Additionally, in 2018, Apple changed the keyboards of its laptops. The new keyboards have taller buttons – some users have welcomed this move, but some still miss an older variant. So you can change the keyboard, using official Apple quality parts, and customize the process.

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The MacBook’s advanced display delivers stunning images. Retina displays display finer details and richer hues than regular displays. For photographers, video editors, and graphic designers, the MacBook’s high resolution and color accuracy are especially useful in their work. The Retina display displays finer details and richer hues than regular displays.

There are a few possible options. First of all, not all MacBooks made before 2012 came with Retina displays. It’s unlikely that you’re still using a 2011 MacBook or older model, but some people continue to use older laptops and upgrade screens to fit current models.

Second, you might consider selling your current MacBook if it’s in good condition and using the money to buy a newer model with a built-in Retina display. Check used electronics sellers and auction sites to get an idea of ​​your laptop’s resale value.

Some additional details to improve your performance

Besides quality parts, there are some external elements that can drastically change your experience with the MacBook Pro. For those who work a lot, a docking station is essential. Apple produces official hubs for connecting multiple wires and devices to your laptop. To save money, try unofficial stations too. A docking station opens up many possibilities. For those who need to see a lot of information, a second Apple monitor is a must. If you type a lot of text, plug in a mechanical keyboard – most users say they make fewer typos. Finally, a wireless mouse can advantageously replace a touchpad.