L’Oregon est sur le point de signer – ou d’opposer son veto – à la loi sur le droit à la réparation la plus stricte à ce jour

Oregon is poised to sign – or veto – its strongest right-to-repair legislation yet.

In the American legislative landscape, the State of Oregon is a pioneer with the adoption of innovative and historic legislation around right to repair. The law project SB 1596, which just passed the final legislative step, is poised to become law, subject to Gov. Tina Kotek’s signature or veto. This legislative initiative is of critical importance because it addresses a controversial practice known as “coupling of parts”, a maneuver by which manufacturers limit consumers’ ability to use spare parts, sometimes even genuine ones, without the brand’s software approval.

This bill, representing a major victory for right-to-repair advocates, makes it mandatory for companies to provide homeowners with the same parts, tools, and repair manuals available to authorized repair centers at no additional cost. This Oregon effort is part of a dynamic similar to that of California, although without imposing a time frame during which companies must make these resources available, unlike the seven years dictated by Californian legislation.

The application of this law will not be retroactive; it does not concern devices sold before July 1, 2021 but takes into account those sold since July 1, 2015. In addition, a notable measure is the exclusion of certain categories such as video game consoles, THE medical devices, or even the electric toothbrushes, aligned with similar exceptions in California and Minnesota. However, the restriction on part matching will only apply to electronic devices produced after January 1, 2025, which establishes a transition period for manufacturers.

In a recent conversation with Kyle Weins, CEO of the platform iFixit, a fervent advocate of the right to repair, the latter expressed optimism about the progress represented by this legislation, describing it as a significant step towards strengthening the right of consumers to repair their electronic devices. The reality of this fight is such that each regional victory inspires and paves the way for other states and territories, underscoring a movement towards greater sustainability and an economy more responsible towards consumers and the environment.

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The scope of this legislative text, unique in its kind, highlights a growing aspiration of citizens for greater autonomy in the management of their property, thus undermining the controlling commercial strategies of certain corporations. Oregon, with this breakthrough, establishes itself as a gold standard for reparations policy, illustrating that collaboration between legislators, businesses and citizens can lead to meaningful and positive change for society as a whole.