louer une salle de reunion a paris

Our advice for renting a meeting room in Paris intramuros

Whether for work, a religious association or for other causes, the choice of meeting room matters enormously. The place should offer a pleasant setting, inspire confidence and above all boost creativity. Here are some recommendations for finding this rare gem in Paris Intramuros (75,000).

Choose a meeting room that encourages creativity

If the objective of your professional meeting is to find new ideas, the meeting room must be conducive to creativity. Consider holding the meeting on a rooftop to give wings to the imagination of colleagues. Paris is full of coworking centers, conference rooms and other work spaces. To decide between them, try to find a place that best reflects the spirit of your meeting, seminar, symposium or congress.

The decoration of the room can be cozy, industrial, or even original, but make sure it is in line with the founding values ​​of your entity. In addition to the environment without too much traffic noise, you need comfortable furniture as well as functional video projection equipment. Also don’t forget the importance of a good sound system.

Prioritize subscription in multipurpose meeting rooms

A company can rent a meeting room for various occasions. This will be an original way to do the Monday morning briefing. That said, the venue should be versatile. Renting as a subscription will reduce the price. There meeting room rental in Paris in an outdoor workspace can be used in particular for:

  • Presentation of a new product to the press.
  • Holding a team building event to strengthen team cohesion.
  • The general meeting of shareholders and social partners.
  • Brainstorming or exchanging experience with other entrepreneurs.
  • A fun day or a colleague’s farewell drink.
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Enjoy the beauty of Paris intramuros

The term Paris intramuros designates the heart of the Capital. Completely fortified in the Middle Ages, this city within a city has only 2 million inhabitants while the surrounding area accommodates 10 times more souls. The 30 million visitors who come each year make the population even denser. For good reason, most of the monuments which symbolize the City of Lights are located in this core. It will be an enriching experience to live in a group for non-Parisians.

Try to rent a meeting or seminar room not far from tourist sites. To ease the pressure, participants will be able to visit some of the 94 monuments listed in Little Paris. They will be able to discover the beautiful neighborhoods on the left bank of the Seine. On the other side, the entertainment on Rue du Commerce and Boulevard Saint-Germain will also please. Shopping fans will love going to the department stores during their lunch break.

Pay attention to ancillary services

Please note that in Paris, meeting room rental companies offer more than real estate services. They provide various complementary services to make meetings more “constructive”. Maybe you should consider rental packages with yoga sessions, culinary workshops or video game competitions. So much the better if activities such as the Escape Game or even a little sport become possible between two work sessions.

To touch the audience through feelings, you need a gourmet buffet with quality ingredients. Make your meetings a succession of good taste memories. Ensure beforehand the actual skills of the caterer. At least take the time to taste the dishes in advance. Normally, the pack includes breakfast, lunch and snacks for breaks.