Outsourcing: What if you gave yourself peace of mind?

Outsourcing, a word, or rather a profession which is reminiscent of the fact that the outsourcing of the technical management of its server or its IT equipment must be entrusted to a team of professionals.

This is even more true when these infrastructures are vital to a company’s activity. If you are not yet familiar with the principle of outsourcing and want to know more, the rest of this article is likely to interest you.

What is outsourcing?

Appeared in the 80s with the aim of supporting large companies, outsourcing, also known by the English name, Managed services (or MSP) consists of partially or completely outsourcing the management of an IT fleet or services by using a specialized service provider.

Generally speaking, outsourcing is a service provided remotely, from an external network, but it is also possible for the said company to offer on-site support services.

The range of activities covered by an outsourcing company is relatively vast. It can range from troubleshooting a computer station remotely, through the configuration and maintenance of a server, to the monitoring of computer systems, to the field of cybersecurity. The teams in charge of outsourcing may also be required to intervene on site, and in this case, their role will be to repair, maintain and ensure the proper functioning of your servers or any other IT installation.

Why use an outsourcing provider?

At a time when almost all companies have integrated IT tools within them, the slightest technical problem can have a direct and significant impact on your activities.

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This crucial importance of maintaining an IT infrastructure in perfect working order requires advanced knowledge in this area. To do this, two options are available to you: recruit an internal specialist who will be responsible for maintaining your equipment, or entrust this task to a service provider specialized in this field, in other words, outsource this task. .

The second option is of course the least expensive and the simplest to implement. The teams responsible for outsourcing have the advantage of extensive experience and can therefore take care of many crucial points:

  • Software maintenance
  • On-site hardware maintenance and troubleshooting
  • System and network security
  • Configuration and monitoring of your servers

This non-exhaustive list of maintenance activities that can be outsourced through outsourcing should alone convince you to call on experts.

Outsourcing saves you time and… money!

The expertise of technicians at the controls will certainly save you a lot of time but another point to emphasize, will also save you money!

The simple fact of outsourcing the management, maintenance and monitoring of your IS drastically reduces the associated costs. Preventing breakdowns and guarding against leaks or loss of data will in fact be more economical than not planning ahead and having to deal with them with hefty bills.

Outsourcing most often adapts to your needs rather than the other way around! outsourcing tailored to your business will be much more favorable to you than any other type of fixed-price maintenance.