Paizo n'échappe pas à l'inflation et va augmenter les prix des produits Pathfinder

Paizo does not escape inflation and will increase the prices of Pathfinder products

Inflation, sectoral fluctuations and labor costs are increasing more and more, becoming huge obstacles for businesses. Video games have not been spared from this problem and neither has the world of board games, since Paizo announced a drastic measure to remedy the situation.

And it will be the customers and players who will have to pay more money to consume the products of the company that owns Pathfinder. This was announced by President Jim Butler in a publication where he emphasizes that “Nobody likes to raise prices, but it’s a necessity “. For example, the Bounties & Quests digital adventures will cost between $4.99 and $5.99 (5.66 euros).

Pathfinder Society sets, with play sessions lasting between 4 and 5 hours, are divided into two categories – normal and superior – with different prices. Paizo considered that the best option is to create a unified cost of $8.99 (8.50 euros), while special interactive scenarios will be set at $19.99 (18.89 euros). In the case of PDFs there will be no price change, therefore This measure for digital purchases will have a retroactive effect for all products launched before October 25.

If we move to the physical format, the costs are as follows:

  • Flap mat : $19.99 (three dollar increase)
  • Flip-Mat Multi-Packs : 29.99 dollars (28.34 euros and five dollar markup)
  • 96-page Adventure Course : $29.99 (three dollar increase)
  • The price of the paperback editions will vary from $26.99 (25.50 euros) to $34.99 (33.06 euros) depending on the number of pages.
  • Prices for hardcover books vary depending on the number of pages. These are reference examples
    128 pages: $44.99 (42.51 euros)
    192 pages: $59.99 (56.69 euros)
    256 pages: $69.99 (66.14 euros)
    More than 304 pages plus map: $79.99 (75.59 euros)
    The price of special edition covers will increase by an additional $20.
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These prices will start at be applied to products launched from April 2024 , but will also affect reprints of any other older products. Of course, the base, Game Master, and Bestiary hardcover books will remain priced at $59.99. “We want to keep the price as low as possible to reduce the barrier to entry for new players,” they emphasize from Paizo.