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Parcoursup: All our advice for properly preparing your file

Bringing together 21,000 university courses and some 7 apprenticeship programs, Parcoursup is the gateway to higher education. All high school students wishing to pursue academic or professional studies will have to go through this platform. Here are some recommendations for successfully crossing this gate.

What is Parcoursup? How does it work ?

Claiming just under one million registrations in 2022, Parcoursup is a web platform which welcomes and guides students wishing to continue their training after the baccalaureate. It is mainly students in the final year of school who must register before even taking the tests at the end of the school year.

The period during which they can register changes from one year to the next since the launch of the platform by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2018. For 2023 for example, applications can be submitted from January 18 and future high school graduates have until April 6 at midnight to finalize them.

The future student must create a file and register free of charge on the website Once this stage has been completed, the user must formulate several wishes. These formalize their wish to enroll in the universities or grandes écoles of their choice. If his application is successful, he will receive in return proposals from which he should formalize the registration.

Optimize the application file

As there are a lot of people registered on Parcoursup, each student can be accompanied by a third party. For a fee, a service provider can help with the procedures. This is the case of the My Parcours Postbac platform which establishes a complete assessment of the situation of each candidate. It also analyzes the file using the 18 Parcoursup selection criteria. The interested party even receives a 7-page audit result written by experts which allows them to optimize their application.

Concretely, the candidate must create 4 documents whose length is limited to 1500 characters. He should highlight his experience and any training courses in which he has participated. Details such as civic engagement are appreciated by universities. All the better if the person has already done animation or mentored young people. Then, he should also talk about his cultural and sporting activities.

Experiences related to the desired training sector should be highlighted. For a future high school graduate who wants to join a nursing school, for example, her interest in volunteering or activities within humanitarian associations could help her. On the other hand, there is no point in developing them if the person wants to study architecture or engineering. In any case, she can formulate up to 10 distinct wishes or she can distribute her soft skills (personal qualities).

Use a custom help app

My Parcours Postbac is an application that helps final year students register on Parcoursup. In addition to its many features, it reminds you of the documents to gather to apply. The future university student must provide report cards and a Future sheet. These two documents must be obtained from the educational establishment of the person concerned. The app also explains the steps to follow. They remain quite simple.

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As part of their application, a student must be able to express themselves on the motivations which lead them to choose a course or university. The My Parcours Postbac application provides explanations on the progress of the interview. Like any other interview, it cannot be improvised. This service is part of a pack whose price is around €480. The price is slightly higher for those who wish to continue their higher education abroad.

Open to students coming from outside, the platform helps above all to choose the wishes carefully. The support of an expert allows you to move towards a specialty that corresponds to the personality of the candidate. The publishers of the application indicate that 90% of people who used their services succeeded in integrating the sectors of their choice. Each student is validated by around ten establishments.

Listen to advice from former candidates

Former candidates who joined a university thanks to Parcoursup can also provide practical advice. They recommend going directly to the platform to see the courses offered. There is a dialog box for searches. The candidate can enter a keyword related to the studies they wish to pursue later. The site suggests a guide to help visitors choose their training courses.

Some former candidates also recommend taking part in orientation forums. These are discussions between students, but they are sometimes rich in lessons. Then, you have to talk about it with the high school teachers, especially the “teacher” in charge. This teacher does not interfere with the students’ choices. On the other hand, it can help them refine the orientation project they have in mind.

Boards also tend to choose more selective specialties or establishments. Their graduates are better valued on the labor market. It’s even better if it’s possible to chat with students already at desired universities. They will be able to talk about the atmosphere on campus, the course of classes, etc. This will allow future academics to plan for their future.

Aim high and choose your wishes carefully Parcoursup

Some institutions may intimidate prospective students. As a result, many eliminate them from their integration wish list even though they may regret it later. As much as possible, you should apply to 3 or 4 prestigious schools or universities. It will also be necessary to maintain at least 50% of rather reasonable choices.

The wishes are discreet and the schools do not access the entire list. Each establishment will only see the application of one student to it. He won’t even know when he formulated it because everything will be completed at the end of the registration period around mid-April. Therefore, candidates will have to take their time to choose each wish carefully.

Once establishments have responded positively to a student’s wishes, the latter must react fairly quickly. He must decide among several proposals. Applying to two, three, or even more universities only broadens the opportunities. We should also tell ourselves that it is possible to change your mind, even after starting studies.