Perplexity apporte les données Yelp à son chatbot

Perplexity integrates Yelp data into its chatbot.

In the ever-changing world of information technology, chatbots are emerging as key tools in the way we search and consume information. The start-up Perplexity, under the visionary leadership of its CEO Aravind Srinivas, recently took a bold step to improve its service by integrating data provided by Yelp, famous for its reviews and recommendations particularly related to restaurants. This approach, seen as a strengthening of the chatbot’s search capabilities, allows Perplexity to offer its users not only textual responses but also maps, photos and reviews directly from Yelp.

This integration is not the result of chance. It fits with Perplexity’s philosophy of expanding beyond a simple fact-checking tool to become a comprehensive research platform on everything and anything – from the coffee you can’t live without to the restaurants you can’t live without. not to be missed. This orientation towards enriched responses is a clear departure from what other chatbots like Copilot, Gemini or ChatGPT offer, and is based on a sophisticated mix of text and links, an approach already praised by industry experts such as David Pierce, from E.S News.

Interestingly, Perplexity chose not to enter into a direct partnership with Yelp but instead license its data through Yelp’s Fusion program, which is also used by entities such as BMW. This allows Perplexity to integrate rich and reliable local data, greatly improving the relevance and reliability of the answers provided to users.

According to Srinivas, this deliberate choice not to build new data models from scratch but rather to use existing models like GPT and Claude 2 reflects a pragmatic approach aimed at improving efficiency while being economically viable. What’s more, Perplexity isn’t happy with this deal with Yelp; it is considering future integrations, already underway with the WolframAlpha engine for mathematical calculations, and is exploring opportunities with financial and purchasing data providers.

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This initiative is not isolated in the world of AI. Other companies, like Google and OpenAI, are also investing in access to up-to-date information sources to refine the capabilities of their services. While Google’s Gemini can already leverage Google Maps to suggest restaurants, Perplexity plans to go further, providing an enriched, multi-dimensional search experience.

Yelp integration is also rolling out to Perplexity’s mobile interface, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing a consistent and comprehensive user experience, regardless of device. In summary, Perplexity positions itself at the forefront of chatbots, enriching its responses not only with relevant and up-to-date content but also with a depth and richness that sets a new standard in online information search.