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Personalized goodies and accessories: a complementary lever for a successful offline marketing campaign

Generally speaking, when you want to launch or make known a brand, the first thing that “pro marketers” think of most often remains online promotion, aka digital marketing. Is this an effective strategy or should we also use other levers to make ourselves known, such as the media and physical supports?

This is precisely the subject of this article and I invite you without further delay to discover the fruit of our research through our complete analysis.

Any opportunity is good to gain visibility

In the field of marketing, whether digital or physical, to gain visibility and the trust of your target, you must above all be seen and for this, any opportunity is good to seize.

In the digital field, calling on web professionals such as a specialized SEO / SEA agency is the first lever that brands generally seize, without of course counting the creation of a website itself which will become the virtual avatar of your window, your services and your know-how, to put it simply, the dematerialized mirror of your brand.

In the field of “offline” physical marketing, the opportunities and levers to be activated are completely different and to do so, there is nothing better than having goodies and accessories manufactured in your image.

Personalized goodies and accessories: a marketing opportunity that is still too underestimated?

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The main advantages of personalized goodies

The first advantage is that they help build customer loyalty. A simple example, imagine visiting a clothing store and after paying for your purchases, leaving with a personalized tote bag, adorned with the brand and logo of the store in question. This is obviously the type of personalized gift that a customer keeps and does not hesitate to reuse.

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The advantage? in addition to an effective mnemonic means to anchor the brand and logo in the customer’s unconscious, each time he takes out the bag to use it, he will at the same time advertise the store without she does not need to invest even the slightest additional cent, in short, butter and butter!

Another more economical and durable support this time: personalized stickers. In the past, in the 2000s to be precise, stickers were considered obsolete, or has been in the field of marketing.

Today the trend is reversing and many major brands like Nike, Apple, or even energy drink brands such as Red-Bull are making massive use of this medium to successfully promote their image at a lower cost.

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There are several types of finishes when it comes to branded stickers. In different shapes, round, oval or square, or cut to shape, that is to say that the cutting follows the curve of your lettering / logo but also different types of supports. No more simple stickers printed on white support, nowadays, printing on metallic chrome or holographic support is very common and allows, among other things, to adapt the visual to your brand image.

As you will see on this blog, personalized Goodies and accessories have a bright future ahead of them and the diversity of available media makes it easy to find support that matches your marketing campaign in every way.