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Personalized stickers: A versatile and economical communication support for your business

For all companies, visual communication represents a significant lever for its growth. To do this, there are many supports that are as varied as each other, but there is one in particular that deserves our full attention and that I invite you to discover in this article:personalized sticker.

A communication medium in the era of the times and which does not lack arguments in its favor

Used in the field of marketing for many years for advertising and decorative purposes, personalized stickers are enjoying growing success these days, for many reasons:

Versatile : The materials used in the manufacture of personalized stickers give this support unparalleled versatility. It can also be used for printing or cutting depending on the use for which it is intended.

Sustainable : Custom stickers made from monomeric or polymer vinyl offer a durable support, capable of resisting both indoors and outdoors for many years.

Economic : A significant and uncompromising argument regarding the quality of the support and its price. Indeed, if we compare the price of personalized stickers with other advertising media, the latter displays on average a price lower by 20%!

To complete this argument, it is important to emphasize that the vinyl used for the manufacture of stickers complies with current standards regarding ecology. What else?!

The different possible uses of the personalized sticker

As we pointed out to you previously, this support offers an impressive range of possible uses. Here are some of the most popular:

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The advertising sticker

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Self-adhesive lettering

Adhesive lettering, commonly called window stickers, is most often used for shop windows, permanently or ephemerally such as for sales or certain promotions. The advantage of adhesive is that it is very simple to apply (it does not require the intervention of a professional or specific tools) and that it is also very easy to remove. Please note that it also exists in the form of semi-permanent glue, allowing you to peel and stick your stickers several times.

Vehicle flocking

Highly appreciated by companies with a vehicle fleet but also by craftsmen, flocking is a technique which consists of personalizing your vehicle in the image of your company using personalized stickers. Truth be told, there are several ways to do this. The first, using adhesive cut from the mass and/or printed using so-called eco-solvent inks, consists of placing according to a defined pattern, plus stickers to achieve the desired decoration. The second, called total covering, also consists of a printed vinyl film but it covers the entire vehicle. Although more expensive, this method has many advantages, including protecting the vehicle’s original paint. This makes it easy to return it to original before resale.
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