Personalized tote bag: a remarkable communication support

Currently, it is difficult to increase the visibility of a company and face competition despite the emergence of new communication media. To develop turnover, it is important to develop an effective marketing strategy using a versatile communication medium. The personalized tote bag is one of the most trendy. The purpose of this article is to highlight this promotional item.

PixePrint: a personalized tote bag distributor

Like the wholesaler PixePrint distributes a variety of advertising items, within its collection we find a personalized tote bag offered in different models. But what models are available? A variety of tote bags are available:

  • The shiny laminate tote bag
  • The tote bag made from burlap
  • The cotton tote bag
  • The RPET tote bag
  • The organic cotton tote bag

Want to order a tote bag from this wholesaler? An expert screen printing team takes care of refining and highlighting your advertising bag by printing your logo, your slogan, a photo or a text that you have chosen. To do this, the specialized team uses screen printing if the customer chooses textiles when designing their product. On the other hand, it goes through digital printing if the logos have several shades. There is also the digital transfer technique.

As for delivery, it will take place after validation of the BAT, i.e. within 10 working days. In case you need express delivery, place your request with customer service. As soon as the BAT is validated, you will obtain a tracking number to control your package.

The best advantages of a personalized tote bag

The personalized tote bag is an all-purpose promotional item that can be used regularly or occasionally. Its use is especially recommended for professionals.

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Renowned for its practicality, the personalized tote bag is light, foldable, easy to transport and accommodates a large number of objects. Due to its resistance, it does not fear falling, friction or bad weather. At the moment, it is the most popular model in the mass distribution sector.

An effective communication support

The advertising tote bag is also a must have in the marketing sector since it is considered a mobile advertising panel. Thanks to its large marking surface, it ensures the visibility of your brand and attracts a large number of prospects.

Offering this accessory to your customers or colleagues allows you to stand out from the competition and build their loyalty.

An economical accessory

Since this promotional bag is offered at an affordable price, it is very economical and profitable for your project. Its customization is also within reach of all budgets.

An environmentally friendly promotional bag

The personalized tote bag is one of the accessories very appreciated by people concerned about the environment. For what ? It is an ecological, recyclable and biodegradable bag but also reusable. Thus, opting for this promotional item from ecological plantations considerably reduces the use of plastic bags.

What criteria should you take into consideration when choosing your tote bag?

Since the tote bag represents your branding in the eyes of customers, no selection criterion should be neglected.


Color is a key criterion for effectively conveying your message to target audiences. Very light colors like red are the most trendy. Furthermore, opt for the white color to embellish your logo.


Generally speaking, there are 3 tote bag design materials which each have strong and weak points. Classic cotton, for example, is strong in its thickness, but has a dark appearance. While burlap is both strong and original. As for polypropylene, it is waterproof and resists heavy loads.


The quality of a personalized tote bag is also seen in its finish since it reveals its aesthetic. Therefore, you can choose between small handles or long handles depending on your needs. To close, the bag closes either with a zip or a snap button.