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Photonis: The flagship of French night vision is preparing to change flags

For several months the future of Photonis, the French giant specializing in the field of night vision, has been sowing doubt. Indeed, Teledyne, a Californian company, is in the negotiation phase to buy the firm. After the sale of large groups like Alstom, Lafarge and Arcelor, would this be one sale too many?

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Photonis, a Bordeaux SME legally owned by Ardian since 2011, is one of the technological flagships of our Country. Its annual turnover is approaching 140 million euros and the latter benefits from contracts with the military, including the French Special Forces equipped with Photonis amplifier tubes for their night vision equipment.

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Once is not custom, Photonis has a technological leadof the best night vision according to comparisonsPhotonis will also be in the research phase concerning several technological innovations linked to secret army programs.. Proof of their competence in the field of opto-electronics, Photonis received the “General Chanson Engineer” prize in 2105 by the Land Armament Association for its now famous surveillance camera Kameleon CMOS, capable of filming in color at night.

Photonis: French Technological Fleuron which employs no less than 1000 employees

Located in Mérignac, in the south of France, The company quickly became one of the leaders the design and manufacture of light intensifier tubes mainly used in the military, aeronautics and other commercial applications. Its mastery has also led to numerous contracts and Photonis now equips all the special forces of NATO countries.

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Photonis works mainly in France with Thales and Safran in the military field of defense. It currently employs more than 1000 people. and there are no less than five factories, including one located in France in Brive-la-Gaillarde, in Roden in the Netherlands and two in the United States, located in Sturbridge and Lancaster.

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