Pick to light: technology at the service of logistics

To improve the efficiency of warehouse operators, more and more companies are turning to efficient and intuitive picking methods such as Pick to Light. What is it and what are these benefits?

How does the Pick to light system work in the logistics sector?

Pick to light is a computer-assisted order picking system that does not require paper. In this system, we use an indicator light to direct the operator towards a reference that he must take, this is the Pick to light. The indicator light can also direct the operator to a location where he must place a part or item, this is Put to light.

The aim of the system is to optimally manage generally complex order preparations. Pick to light makes it possible and reliable to prepare a large number of orders at the same time. It is an intuitive technique that adapts to many sectors.

Pick to Light systems work using an interface that links with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) already in place. Whether standard or home, this one manages sending command files to the interface which, in turn, transmits orders in a language adapted to the displays or LED strip. This is how the locations light up to indicate to the operator that he must pick up or drop off an item or product at a given location.

How to implement Pick to light technology in a factory or warehouse?

To remain competitive, a company must follow a policy of permanent innovation and be reactive. You must therefore take advantage of new technologies in order to increase the productivity of your business and its competitiveness at the same time. Find out how take advantage of Pick to light with the help ofcompanies specializing in logistics solutions whatever the sector of activity of your company.

Companies specializing in the field of logistics study the needs of client companies, their activities, their evolution, their current management system as well as their expectations in order to implement tailor-made solutions. You understand, your Pick to light system will be designed to meet your most specific needs.

THE logistics solutions are tailor-made to fit your business. They allow you to mobilize employees only on their job, to obtain an error rate close to zero, reduced delays and a better traceability rate.

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What are the applications of Pick to light in business?

Pick to light operates in all sectors faced with the problem of preparing orders or kits. It is therefore integrated into logistics, e-commerce, mass distribution, the automobile industry, the manufacturing industry, the postal industry, etc. For example, more and more players are using Pick to light and Put to light to manage delivery of food products towards their franchisees.

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Pick to light is a technology that finds its place in different processes such as kitting, order preparation (picking), splitting after collection, as well as product assembly.

Companies specializing in the implementation of Pick to light solutions develop various accessories to facilitate the integration of these solutions into any type of support (furniture, workstations, trolleys, racks, etc.). The integration of these solutions makes it possible to improve the processes of a company’s warehouses, general services and mail department. It offers the possibility of significantly reducing errors and saving valuable time during picking.

What are the main advantages of this system in logistics?

The principle of light guidance has many advantages. The WCS to which the digital displays and indicator lights are connected allows easy and quick identification of all product positions in the warehouse. This virtual stock manager allows automation of all possible tasks in your warehouse. When properly leveraged, it increases business productivity and efficiency.

The Pick to light facilitates the work of the operator who is responsible for picking the products. Since it is organized according to work areas, the system optimizes operator movements and therefore increases its efficiency while reducing waiting time. The entire supply chain becomes more efficient, because the operator no longer needs to use a document to verify the products to be picked. He has his hands free to work faster and processes orders quickly.

Optimize order accuracy

The system helps limit the risk of errors linked to the use of traditional stock sheets and product picking. With Pick to light, the risk of possible errors is almost zero. This technology therefore stands out as a tool of choice which helps to improve order fulfillment. It gives a better dimension to customer service.

Save money

One of the biggest expenses in a warehousing operation is of course order preparation. Of all the methods that exist to perform this task, Pick to light has been proven to be one of the cheapest. This is explained by the fact that the workload of each operator is considerably reduced and facilitated. There is a clear reduction in paper documents. Furthermore, your company’s turnover can only increase because productivity is optimized.

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Sign up for an eco-responsible approach

Pick to light is a system increasingly favored by eco-responsible companies, because it reduces the volume of paper used in inventory management. The digital displays and lights are more than sufficient for the operator to correctly carry out the task entrusted to him.

Enjoy an easy-to-use system

One of the strengths of the Pick to light system is that it is easy to use. It normally takes hours or even days to train an operator to prepare orders using traditional methods. On the other hand, if you opt for Pick to light, operator training only lasts 15 or 30 minutes maximum. The time saving is enormous, because the system is easy to use.

When should you turn to Pick to light in warehouses?

This technology is recommended for all installations where there is a high activity of order preparations concentrated in a specific and narrow area of ​​the warehouse. This is an important criterion so that the cost of installing the devices is acceptable. The system is also suitable for managing goods with a medium or high turnover rate that require rapid shipping.

You can set up Pick to light for small, easily handled parts for which you use bins or boxes. Businesses that already have a warehouse management system can use a Pick to light interface to control light signals, display messages on beacons integrated into the shelving and manage stock more easily.