Poe introduit un modèle de revenus au prix par message pour les créateurs de robots IA

Poe Launches Price-Per-Message Revenue Model for AI Bot Developers

Robotics designers now have an additional avenue to profit with Quora’s Poe AI chatbot platform. The company recently unveiled a new revenue model that allows bot inventors to set a per-message rate for their creations, allowing them to make a profit every time a user interacts with their bot. This innovation follows the launch in October 2023 of a revenue sharing program that allocates robot builders a portion of the profits generated by users who sign up for Poe’s premium service.

In February 2023, Quora launched Poe, making a multiplicity of AI chatbots available to users, including those from well-known manufacturers such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Anthropic, Google and others. Poe aims to provide consumers with a simple tool to experiment with new AI technologies in a single access point, while providing Quora with the potential to grow its content.

The company’s revenue models take the creator economy in a new direction by rewarding not only AI enthusiasts who generate “fast robots” but also server robots designed by AI-integrated developers by Poe.

The other year, Quora revealed that it would soon establish a revenue-sharing initiative with bot makers, allowing them to set per-message rates for their bots. Despite a delay of almost five months – a period that can hardly be described as “next” – this opportunity is finally accessible.

Adam D’Angelo, CEO of Quora, said that Poe users will only see the costs per message of each bot, whether they are free users or subscribed to Poe. On the other hand, creators will be paid in dollars, he said.

“This pricing system is crucial for developers with significant model inference or API costs,” D’Angelo said in a post. “Our ambition is to consolidate a thriving ecosystem of model developers and model-based robot creators, and covering these operational costs is an integral part of that,” he stressed.

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D’Angelo believes that this new revenue model could encourage the development of new categories of robots, particularly in areas such as tutoring, knowledge, assistants, analysis, storytelling and image generation.

Currently, this offer is only available to robot builders residing in the United States, but it will soon be extended globally. It is in addition to the creator monetization program which rewards up to $20 per user who subscribes to Poe thanks to a creator’s bots.

Alongside the revenue per post model, Poe also launched an enhanced analytics dashboard that showcases average creator bot profits across paywalls, subscriptions, and posts. This information is updated daily and gives creators a better view of how their pricing is driving bot usage and profits.