Polluting activity in industry: the equipment to be provided

The development of industrial activities and the increasing use of various chemical products are the basis of a real pollution problem, caused by the emissions of dangerous substances. Black smoke, toxic gases and polluting liquid discharges are released into water, air and soil by many industries. In this sense, before even starting your activity, it is important to provide adequate equipment to contain the pollution that will be generated. Through these acquisitions, the risk of accidents or contamination of the immediate environment will be considerably limited. We invite you to discover here different essential equipment to ensure your safety within your factories.

Collect polluting products in a flexible retention tank

This type of material helps protect soils against pollution that can be caused by hydrocarbons during their storage. It allows you to limit their flow and prevent them from contaminating your immediate environment. This storage space made of plastic or a liquid-impermeable and flame-retardant material allows you to store your various chemical tanks in complete safety. It is therefore strongly recommended to obtain a flexible retention tray neara storage specialist to combat industrial pollution.

The tray is available in different formats of various thicknesses to best suit your needs. So, if you need to store many products, do not hesitate to opt for larger flexible retention bins. However, make sure that they manage to maintain a certain rigidity so that the edges can contain spills safely. When in doubt, prefer a flexible steel retention tray completely waterproof.

Also take care to preserve flammable products in fire-resistant or fire-rated cabinets. These are normal-looking cabinets that have a reinforced fire-retardant coating to limit fire damage. This equipment can be used as storage space for these products. Above all, they will prevent the worsening of any fire that could break out.

Flexible retention basins are generally offered for sale after being placed on concrete or cement floors with pre-drilled holes. This will allow you to install them without having to drill into your floors. Apart from their use for storage of hydrocarbons, these bins can also be used:

  • unloading, pumping or filling areas,
  • decontamination areas for equipment and vehicles that must operate on construction sites,
  • rinsing areas on asbestos removal sites,
  • spaces to accommodate certain production machines, compressors, transformers or even generators.

It is important to note that in the latter case, the bins can support the storage of these devices, but also serve as activity spaces in order toeliminate liquid spills which could arise.

industrial pollution, storage tank

Limit the risks of contamination with an anti-pollution floating boom

The floating dam is a device dedicated to preventing contamination of surrounding water and soil by products used in industry. Concretely, these are pieces of plastic linked together to form a barrier to limit an area of ​​pollution. It is designed to guarantee the preservation of the environment and compliance with the regulations in force on dangerous discharges into water or soil. Its unique design makes it practical and efficient equipment which eliminates the risk of environmental contamination while considerably reducing possible accidents.

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A floating pollution control boom is made of rigid plastic and is equipped with numerous components that can filter, absorb or contain waste, whatever their consistency. This equipment can be deployed around different industries such as factories:

  • agricultural,
  • chemical,
  • food,
  • cremation,
  • agri-food,
  • recycling, etc.

Depending on the nature of the pollution from your activity, it may be interesting to choose the rightthe design materials of your floating dam. Also pay special attention to its options to benefit from a truly effective solution.

water pollution, floating anti-pollution dam

Use pollutant response kits

Whatever precautions are taken to limit pollution in an industrial environment, an accident can occur such asa hydrocarbon spill For example. In this case, it will be necessary to intervene quickly by having provided an anti-pollutant intervention kit.

This type of kit, as its name suggests, is made up of a series of specialized tools which will stop the flow of polluting liquids. Most anti-pollutant intervention kits are made up of:

  • a carrying bag,
  • a lifting pump,
  • a suction pipe,
  • an entry point for the pump, as well as a temporary arrival point (to quickly connect the suction pipe to the lift pump).

We also find in the intervention kits, industrial absorbents which can contain between 10 L and 1000 L of liquid depending on your needs. The largest absorbents are generally intended for the port sector, although they can be very useful on the industrial side in the event of flooding.

These absorbents can easily handle spills of hydrocarbons, oils, but also derivatives of liquid compounds used in factories. They are often made of polypropylene, a material that is 100% hydrophobic. However, new eco-responsible materials such as LISORB and LISORB GH+ TL are increasingly tending to replace polypropylene thanks to better efficiency. In certain intervention kits, it is also not uncommon to find absorbents in the form of granules that are capable of holding their own weight in liquids.

The anti-pollutant intervention kit is an essential tool for any establishment that presents a risk of pollution through its activity or through the products it stores on its premises. It should be noted that these kits can be found from various companies specializing in the pollution control equipment market.

Anti-pollutant response kits are also used as part of relief operations in the event of serious consequences following an accidental spill, such as a flood or forest fire. Often used in emergencies, these kits must be regularly maintained, updated and replenished.