Portable batteries with solar panels, how do they work?

In the age of new technologies, it can be difficult for us to live without being connected to our mobile devices. Having to operate with a recharged battery, it is sometimes impossible for us to use them in places without electricity. Then comes the success of portable batteries with solar panels which allow us to recharge our devices wherever we are. Without being bulky and not heavy, they are particularly practical to use. How do these portable batteries work?

What do we mean by portable battery with solar panels?

Going on an adventure without having to worry about a source of electricity wherever you are is one of the main reasons why we are increasingly adopting portable solar generators. This is a market that is currently estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars with the prospect of even greater growth.

Often easy to carry, it allows you to charge different devices depending on its power. The energy it offers is both green, renewable and unlimited, without forgetting to mention that it is also free. This equipment is presented as an emergency power supply which could lead to energy independence. It can be used in all cases where a power supply is not available.

This device constitutes a set of electrochemical accumulators. It is capable of storing electrical energy to release it at each request through the reversibility of the transformation.

The operation of a portable battery equipped with solar panels

There solar panel battery converts the sun’s energy into electricity. These are the solar panels which will produce and the battery will store them to allow deferred consumption. Like the vast majority of this type of device, a portable battery accompanied by solar panels works in approximately the same way. It begins above all with collection. These are the photovoltaic solar panels which will collect energy from the sun. Its objective will then be to transform this solar energy into electrical energy. In cases where the weather conditions do not always allow you to benefit from excellent performance, it is entirely possible to recharge this battery from a cigarette lighter socket or a mains socket.

This device will then proceed to store the energy. This will happen in the central part of the system. The equipment is generally equipped with connectors to allow the connection of energy sources. In order for the battery to recharge properly, it needs a charge regulator, which at the same time allows it to reduce the risk of damage.

What is essential to note is that the larger the solar panel, the more electricity it can produce. The more powerful the solar battery, the more energy it is capable of storing. Likewise, the more powerful the electrical devices to be recharged, the more energy they will use. Here are some criteria that will help you choose the portable battery you need.

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What is the point of using a portable battery with a solar panel?

Although acquiring a portable battery with a solar panel is a significant investment, it can be of great use to you in many cases. Indeed, it can help us out in the event of a technical breakdown or a power outage that could be caused by natural disasters.

Depending on the power chosen, such a device can allow you to recharge almost all household equipment. From a cell phone to a tumble dryer, a solar battery can help you achieve your goal of being independent in terms of energy consumption.

In order to choose the solar battery suited to your expectations, you should therefore think about your needs. The more devices you have to recharge, the more your choice should be towards more powerful equipment. But also, depending on your projects, its weight will be decisive. If you need it for hiking and various trips, you will sometimes have to make compromises. Concretely, for daily use, you will need around 40W with a weight of around 200 to 600 g.

Three Ecoflow battery models to discover

In various stores specializing in electrical equipment, you can find the solar battery you need. We particularly wish to present the products of EcoFlow, which is a leading company in the development of portable electrical energy equipment. Here are three Ecoflow batteries to favor.

1. Delta Pro, benefit from a capacity of 3600 W

With a capacity of 3.6 kWh, it can be extended up to 25 kWh. This battery can be integrated directly into your home circuits through Smart Home panels. It is particularly suitable as a domestic emergency power source.

This device will allow you to power the majority of your electrical equipment. It can indeed support large machines like the dryer. If paired with other generators, you can easily manage and control them via a DELTA Pro remote control or from your phone if you have the EcoFlow app.

It is one of the electrical stations with the ability to recharge quickly. You have several options for recharging it and getting energy for any occasion.

2. Delta Mini EcoFlow, small size for big powers

This solar battery model is recommended for nomads and adventurers. Being the lightest, it can be transported anywhere where there is no electricity. With an output power of 1,400 W, it is compatible with more than 90% of electrical devices.

If you pair it with an In one go, it can power up to 9 devices. It can completely replenish its energy after 1.6 hours of charging.

3. River Pro, an excellent emergency aid for the home and outdoors

This solar battery has the capacity to power a wide range of devices. With expandable power, it helps make your life orderly during your getaways and adventures. With X-Stream Fast Charge technology, it doesn’t take much time to replenish your energy.

Compact and portable, you can take it anywhere. And yet, it allows you to power all your electrical equipment, such as a refrigerator, a PC or a hair dryer.