Presentation of 4 logistics professions

Driven by the development of online commerce, the logistics sector is booming. In fact, it offers a large number of jobs. In addition, the majority of positions in this sector are accessible through short-term training. However, despite the strong recruitment capacity of this field of activity, specialized companies have difficulty employing qualified and available professionals. What explains this situation? Do logistics professions have any particular characteristics?

Why is the logistics sector having difficulty recruiting?

In 2018, the logistics sector was emerging from a difficult period during which activity was completely paralyzed. But over the past five years, the figures have been increasing and reforms have favored the development of this area. Indeed, according to the Prospective Observatory of professions and qualifications in transport and logistics, growth in the sector is following a good pace and will be even more sustained in the months to come.

The logistics hiring forecast is very promising, as hundreds of thousands of jobs have already been created and demand still remains strong. However, we see that the sector is today faced with a new problem: the lack of employees.

While it is true that the workforce and job creation are increasing exponentially, it must be admitted that the lack of employees has not been contained. According to the companies operating in this sector of activity, the labor shortage is a scourge that seriously threatens their activities.

The reason for this situation is quite simple: the dizzying growth in the field of logistics has resulted in an increase in recruitment within companies. This situation is causing a real shortage of profiles, both in France and throughout the world. Furthermore, this field of activity remains little-known and does not really attract young people who prefer to turn to specialized training. However, the jobs and working conditions offered by logistics have many advantages to attract candidates. So, what is the best solution to solve this problem?

Use a recruitment firm specializing in logistics

Promoting the logistics sector by exposing all the advantages of working in it is a solution that can bring certain changes. However, this is not the most efficient option. Companies looking for employees must meet candidates to find the talent they need. To do this, go through a logistics recruitment firm appears to be the best solution.

A recruitment firm is a structure specialized in the detection of qualified agents on behalf of its client, which is a company. This type of company is generally remunerated based on the success of its services. In other words, they are only paid if the profile(s) they present to the client company have been employed by it.

To achieve a high success rate, these firms specialize in a specific field of activity. This choice allows them to create a network of talents in a given sector and to be more credible with the companies that use their services.

logistics recruitment firm

The advantages of going through this agency in the logistics sector are multiple. Firstly, you benefit from a considerable time saving. Indeed, organizing and carrying out recruitment is a time-consuming operation, especially when it is necessary to recruit professionals with specific and fairly rare skills.

In order to hire the talent you need, you will have to scour several platforms on which you have posted your job offer, carry out the companies, eliminate the profiles that do not suit you, check the diplomas and recommendations of the selected candidates then conduct final interviews to determine who will get the job.

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Complying with all these steps requires devoting valuable time that you could devote to developing your business. By outsourcing recruitment to your company, you will no longer have to waste time carrying out this task. The firm will come back to you after a few days with a list of the best candidates meeting your requirements. All you have to do is choose the profile that best suits you.

Then, the candidates’ qualifications and recommendations are carefully checked. Indeed, verifying the diplomas and experience of applicants are steps that take a lot of time and require efficient organization. Requesting the intervention of a recruitment firm saves you from this task. You will have the guarantee that all the candidates whose files you will receive are competent and honest.

Finally, going through a logistics recruitment firm allows you to access a network of candidates who are not actively looking for a job. The agency you contact certainly has a pool of qualified people that they have dealt with over the years.

Which logistics professions are recruiting the most at the moment?

There are some key professions in the field of logistics. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list.

The logistics manager

This professional supervises the entire supply chain of a company while ensuring that costs, inventories and delivery times are reduced. Its role is essential, because it guarantees the delivery of the right goods to the customer at the right time and at the best cost. In other words, it ensures the development of the company’s turnover while ensuring that the customer benefits from impeccable quality service.

To practice this profession, a bac+2 such as the BTS GTLA (Transport Management and Associated Logistics) is sufficient. However, specialized training in logistics or more general (professional license, bachelor, etc.) allows access to this position.

The forklift driver

The warehouse operator is an important member of the logistics chain, because its role is to ensure the proper supply of stock. He is therefore responsible for receiving the goods by truck, unloading them and checking their conformity. He then stores them in optimal conditions and prepares them for shipment when the need arises.

To become a warehouse worker-forklift operator, a CACES license (1,3 or 5) is necessary, because this profession involves driving a handling machine. For training, a logistics operator CAP or a professional logistics baccalaureate is often required. However, soft skills are the main skill considered by employers when recruiting a forklift operator.

logistics professions

The order picker

This professional has the role of prepare goods for shipment in accordance with the purchase order. He must guarantee the conformity of his order preparation in terms of the reference and the quantity of products requested by the customer. Therefore, he must be organized and very vigilant.

He will have to pay more attention to goods that require special attention (frozen foods, safety and regulations for dangerous products, suitable packaging for fragile goods, etc.). The CAP logistics operator or pro logistics baccalaureate level is sufficient to be an order picker.

The import-export wizard

With a DUT in Logistics and Transport Management or a BTS in International Commerce, the import-export assistant has for role of applying international regulations. He is therefore in charge of essential administrative and logistical tasks so that the import and export of goods goes smoothly.

Due to the particularity of his work, this professional must have a perfect command of English. Understanding and speaking Chinese, Arabic or German well would also be a great asset.