Google Docs, a free alternative to Microsoft Word

utiliser google docs

The Google Docs application is one of the alternative office tools published by the Alphabet group among which we find the following Google docs, sheets, slides and forms. The parent company of the search engine suggests through this parent program of Drive a major opponent for MS Word. Available online and 100% free, it serves those who cannot use Microsoft’s

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File: everything you need to remember about Slack


A mix between Facebook, Skype and Drive, Slack is a collaborative communication space. More than a messaging application, this workplace deploys various features intended for professional users. Its partnership with Amazon Web Service has made it pragmatic. Data management and sharing, videoconferencing or remote project completion, everything is possible on this platform. Here are the details. Slack is a collaborative

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Free email messaging: A really good idea for your business communication?

messagerie mail gratuite

Having become essential for internal and external communication, such as for example transmitting documents between departments or canvassing a prospect, the different electronic messaging systems in the global sense of the term offer an equivalent typology of service, although with many diverging points regarding functionalities. and various options offered. In order to identify your needs and the various possibilities available,

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What do you think of Wix, the platform dedicated to creating websites?

capture de la page d'accueil deaccueil wix

Arriving on the website publishing market in 2006, Wix pays particular attention to its image. Alongside Squarespace and other Site123, the platform offers here an alternative to WordPress accessible to beginners and carries out numerous communication campaigns. Laudatory comments about this direct competitor to Webnode and Jimdo are everywhere. To find out, we tested Wix and here’s what we think.

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Accounting: 5 solutions for businesses


Throughout the course of operating its business, a business must know exactly where its money is going. This point is essential both for the organization and for the success of the activity. A structure that does not keep its accounts correctly is in violation on a commercial, tax and legal level. If a financial audit were to be carried out,

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Gmail: everything you need to know about Google messaging


In the 2000s, the decline of Hotmail and Yahoo benefited other providers in the electronic messaging field. Launched by Google in 2004 after 5 years of gestation, this application is currently the market leader with more than 1.5 billion users around the world. If you have not yet taken the plunge, these next lines can help you do so. There

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Building craftsmen: optimize your time

As a building tradesman, you are sometimes faced with time constraints to deliver projects. Therefore, it is imperative to find effective solutions to allow you to better manage time and avoid any delivery delays. In addition, some tools have been set up to make your working time easier to manage. Free quote software or even online calendar: discover solutions to

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The digitalization of accounting: what are the challenges for managers?


After the computerization of activities, the time has come for digitalization. Today, online tools find their place in all departments of a company. This small revolution also affects accounting management. However, while some leaders have already initiated this change, others are hesitant to take the plunge. So what are the challenges of the digitalization of accounting? Does the use of

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The importance of good Human Resources management in a company

When we think about running a business, we often think about the financial aspect. The prism of money is omnipresent, both when we talk about production costs and turnover, without forgetting yield. However, to better manage the financial aspect, you must take the time to manage your employees well. The inevitable role of the Human Resources manager Money has no

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Free spreadsheet: alternatives to Microsoft Excel in 2022

alternative gratuite au tableur excel

The good reputation of MS Excel is well established. Its spreadsheets offer endless possibilities for individuals and professionals alike. However, it is paid software which lacks a little connectivity. In the era of collaborative applications, there are many tools that can replace the Microsoft spreadsheet. The best of them are completely free and work on any device, even a basic

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Jedeclare: how to facilitate your online declarations?


Regardless of the status chosen, a company must file its tax declarations. Many companies entrust this mission to a service provider. Whether the declaration is carried out internally or by an accountant, jedeclare facilitates the mission. We explain everything to you in a few paragraphs. Accountants make your tax declaration on Jedeclare was born from the initiative of accountants

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The best online spell checkers

correcteur orthographe

There is nothing more unpleasant than receiving comments about spelling mistakes. Linguistic typos and blunders can even destroy the meaning of what you have to say. Fortunately, applications can identify and then correct human errors. The following proofreaders can help you make your essays more successful. Before talking about spelling checkers It would be wise to remember that inattention and

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LibreOffice, the office suite par excellence

libre office

100% royalty-free office suite, LibreOffice is a set of open source software. This free solution presents itself as a very serious alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, but also a program to prepare slideshows. Discover everything there is to remember about this pack published by The Document Foundation. Complete and compatible software in the LibreOffice

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Overview of Google Hangouts

google hangouts

Recognizable by its green apostrophe logo, Google Hangouts is an instant messaging service. Included in the American search engine’s pack of offers, it is also a videoconferencing service. Find out everything you need to know about this application available for Android and iOS smartphones. Google Hangouts, a chat platform Formerly called Video-bubble, Hangouts is an instant messaging and videoconferencing application

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