Qlikview: everything you need to know about the Dataviz / Business Intelligence platform

A Dataviz solution coupled with a powerful business intelligence tool, that’s what Qlikview boils down to according to its users. A description that is sure to attract the attention of decision-makers. However, what is this promising platform really worth? This is the question we tried to answer.

Qlikview: a particularly easy-to-use platform

Qlikview appears to have been designed to be widely accessible. Publishers have opted for a SaaS solution that will fit the infrastructure that most businesses have. The tool is accessible online and does not require any specific configuration to function optimally.

The platform set up by Qlik is easy to use. Indeed, it allows you to personalize the interface according to the preferences, needs and habits of users. In business, its use will not require a long adaptation time for staff.

With the possibilities offered to decision-makers, Qlikview is both a modular and scalable solution. Indeed, users can establish themselves the relationships that link the manipulated data. Thus, they are able to define a precise schema for data analysis and processing. We will then be able to better model our processes to obtain valuable signals for decision-making.

The Dataviz aspect is felt when you consult its data visualization options. You will be able to choose what information will be displayed and how it will be displayed. This way, we can design tables or graphs. In this sense, interested parties have all the weapons in hand to obtain an efficient BI system that perfectly meets their needs.

Data analysis requires a huge amount of resources. Without suitable technology, the system will not be able to analyze data in real time and support decision-making. Wanting to remedy this problem, Qlik has equipped its platform with an in-memory architecture. This significantly speeds up treatments.

Qlikview is therefore truly a powerful Business Intelligence tool. Moreover, it has also been equipped with a module based on augmented intelligence (AI). This will greatly facilitate the construction of the BI model. It will suggest the links between the data according to their nature and already trying to establish a correlation.

This feature will help the team make amazing discoveries. The software could finally lift the veil on phenomena that we do not necessarily suspect. AI will thus provide ideas for improving the productivity of an organization and thus achieving its objectives.

qlikview dashboard

Considering the functionalities of Qlikview, the tool has many advantages that cannot be ignored. This online software has all the qualities to compete with the best positioned tools on the market.

Qlikview allows you to:

  • Create a BI solution that meets your needs;
  • Limit access to data;
  • Intuitively establish connections between data;
  • Obtain real-time statistics;
  • View data from mobile terminals;
  • Reduce the time required to use the tool;
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies in the field of Dataviz and BI.

You don’t necessarily have to take out your credit card to use this SaaS solution. A Personal edition is available free of charge. Of course, it is aimed at a single user and will therefore be of no use to an organization.

Business leaders will have to pay on average €1,500 per user to access this technological gem. Qlik also offers to provide companies with dedicated servers to strengthen the security of data and processing. Expect an additional €6,000 to €32,000 to have your own servers maintained by the publisher.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not expensive to pay for companies wishing to acquire a high-performance BI solution. Note that these tools are mainly aimed at start-ups working in the IT field and operators in the Big Data sector. Since the subscription cost varies enormously from one structure to another, we would have appreciated a simulator being accessible on the publisher’s website. Hopefully this will be the case in the coming months.

Overview of QlikView from Qlik

The best current business intelligence software.

When it comes to QlikView’s Collaborative Business Discovery strategy, sharing and collaboration are essential parts of the decision-making process.

A company’s decisions are often the product of a long process involving a number of people.

It is the knowledge acquired through debates, dialogues and points of view shared in real time that helps support these judgments.

Business Discovery’s QlikView platform delivers a comprehensive, self-service business intelligence (BI) experience that empowers decision-makers to make informed decisions based on well-analyzed data with simplicity and flexibility.

QlikView makes it easy to find information, study it, and create dynamic applications so you can make informed decisions based on the information you have.

What is Qlikview?

Isn’t it true that you’ve always wanted to be able to easily organize your data to improve analysis and decision-making within your organization?

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It’s impossible to imagine working without QlikView in the hands of your data analysts.

A versatile and collaborative Business Discovery solution from Qlik, a specialist in Business Intelligence and data visualization, QlikView is available as a SaaS offering from Qlik.

Let’s take a look at this Business Intelligence tool that, with a single click, revolutionizes the way you process data:

Easy searching, exploring, and creating dynamic applications are all possible with QlikView software!

Qlikview is a BI solution:

  • Collaborative, allowing you to share your points of view;
  • Mobile, allowing you to access information in real time wherever you are;
  • And Secure, scalable and flexible deployment choices are available to you with enterprise-grade capabilities.

Qlikview is an intuitive and fully customizable data visualization tool.

Qlikview is undoubtedly the most user-friendly business intelligence tool, as well as the easiest to understand.

Despite the fact that it has a wide range of applications and capabilities, it is easy to learn thanks to its simple and intuitive layout. It is possible, among other things, to use the program to

Create a personalized and adaptable user interface to integrate your data. Take snapshots of relationships between different types of data. Create dynamic presentations and graphs of your data to make it easier to understand.

Produce a set of statistics Establish links between your data and descriptive and multimedia elements. Merge information from many sources to create new tables, then delete old ones.

Qlikview gives you the ability to build your own business intelligence solution.

In this section you will determine how the application will work and how your data will be displayed on the screen.

In-memory data-driven architecture and enhanced intelligence

Thanks to its in-memory design, the program is able to load all the data, which allows analysis and cross-checking of data in real time.

Some aspects of Qlik’s associative indexing technology, often called augmented intelligence (AI), include recommendations that draw attention to particular correlations between data and allow users to discover additional insights.

As associative search helps people find solutions to questions they didn’t ask, your employees’ thinking will be transformed and they will make unexpected discoveries thanks to this AI.

This is especially true when dealing with large amounts of data that are difficult to understand.

Benefits of QlikView:

As you can see, the analytical capabilities of the software, as well as its ease of importing and cross-referencing data, are significant assets.

On the other hand, QlikView does not stop there, since its artificial intelligence can reveal connections that traditional business intelligence tools are incapable of detecting.

  • Uncover underlying patterns and make discoveries that will help you make more informed decisions.
  • Ask questions and produce insights, alone or in groups, in real time, whether you’re in the office or on the road.
  • Examine all of your data to see the big picture.
  • For quick, associative results, type any word or phrase into QlikView’s search box, in any order, and you’ll see new connections and correlations between your data.
  • Data can be segmented based on workgroups, teams, or business needs.
  • Organize data so that it is easily accessible and interactive for specific individuals, workgroups, or departments.
  • To ensure total transparency, decision criteria must be documented in real time.

Take a different approach to your business using QlikView by doing the following:

  • Bring together important data from multiple sources into a single software application
  • Examine relationships between your data
  • Visualize your data using polished, sophisticated visuals to facilitate collaborative decision-making in real time and in a secure environment
  • Using dynamic apps, dashboards, and analytics, you can search through all the data your business creates.
  • Mobile devices are used to access your data for recording and analysis


The cost of a Qlikview subscription

After reading this quick summary of the solution’s capabilities, one question remains: how much does it cost to implement Qlikview?

The cost of Qlikview varies depending on your needs and usage, just like any other decent SaaS product.

However, although Qlikview Personal Edition is completely free for a single user, Qlikview Enterprise Edition can cost over $1,500 for each additional user.

In addition, the company offers you the possibility of purchasing dedicated servers to run the program and store your data; However, the cost of each server will vary between 8,000 and 30,000 euros, depending on your needs.

Therefore, QlikView is the best solution for businesses that want to build their data analytics applications from start to finish across a variety of different industries.

Its multi-source data import, associative search and in-memory architecture place it alongside Tableau and Power BI as one of the most powerful business intelligence software solutions on the market.

Learn how our customers implement QlikView in their projects and how you can use it to take your business to the next level.