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Quickly design an advertising banner with an online graphic editor: everything you need to know

Today, we are making more and more use of advertising banners. Indeed, banner advertising is a form of online advertising distributed by an advertising server on the World Wide Web. It is a type of advertising that involves the integration of an advert into a web page, with the aim of attracting traffic to a website by linking to the advertiser’s website. Today, banner ads are the most effective marketing tools. In the same way, which are used within the framework of a free YouTube intro, banner ads are also used in several other industries.

It is therefore essential to design them carefully. Here is everything you need to know to design an advertising banner quickly with an online graphic editor.

Why is it important to design an advertising banner carefully?

Banner ads are simple images or sometimes animations that present a product or brand. These very often contain a link which directs the Internet user via the product website. The factors that favor its use by many companies are its ease of use, its cost, and its effectiveness in making a brand or product famous.

To boost your website traffic using banners, you need to create an attractive design that will make as many Internet users as possible want to click on your banner advertising design. There are several creation methods for this, the fastest and most efficient way is to use a graphic editor.

How to quickly design an advertising banner using an online graphic editor ?

To design a high-end advertising banner, you only need a few simple and quick steps.

  1. Launch the editor

Graphic editors make creating banner ads easy. If you don’t have it, you can download a graphics editor of your choice by typing on Google. Then you simply register using your Google account or Facebook account. Once done, go to the search bar and type: “banner templates”.

  1. Choose your model

The graphic editor will show you a large number of banner templates having different styles and themes depending on the needs. Then you will choose the model that best suits your expectations or is closest to them.

  1. Personalize your banner
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You can choose to either use an existing model, modify it or use your imagination. In all three cases, you must follow these criteria:

  • Use standard banner formats (they are known for their effectiveness):
  • 728×90px — header
  • 300×600px — half page
  • 300×250px — medium rectangle
  • 336×280px — large rectangle
  • Your company logo :

Your company logo is a key element that must absolutely be present on the banner design in order to promote recognition of your brand on the web. It must occupy a prominent or strategic place in your design, without being intrusive.

  • Valuable proposition

You must display a message that captivates attention, arouse the interest of Internet users in relation, for example, to the advantageous price of a product, to a promotional period with messages such as: “high-end”, “50% reduction”, ” limited offer “. These messages are the ones that Internet users look at, so you must ensure that they stand out well (color, font, size) without being extravagant, the combination of font color and size must be harmonious for the pleasure of users. eyes.

  • Call to action

The call to action (CTA) is the button that invites visitors to click to direct them to your site. It is advisable to use key phrases like “learn more”, “get started” or “watch video” as buttons. The CTA must also be central in your design.

You can use one or more buttons depending on your needs. Above all, stay simple and natural to ensure your uniqueness. It sometimes happens that advertising banners are not appreciated by users, due to the clutter they cause on a web page, so make it exceptional in order to have the opposite effect on Internet users.

  • Attractive setting

Our eyes are naturally drawn to framed information. You can choose an image as a background and it must be relevant or an animation which produces good results nowadays. Whatever you decide to frame, use colors that create urgency without, of course, irritating the viewer.

We hope this guide has helped you get creative with the design elements of a graphics editor, and design the perfect banner for you.