Les premières critiques Reddit du Vision Pro sont disponibles

Reddit’s first Vision Pro reviews are now available.

In a world where spending a considerable amount of money on high-tech gadgets has become commonplace for digital aficionados, the investment of $3,500 in a device must be considered. It is in this spirit that immersing yourself in the world of Apple’s **Vision Pro**, nicknamed “the space computer”, requires special attention. At first glance, this platform promises to revolutionize our interaction with technology, but what really happens once we take the plunge?

The **Vision Pro** has sparked lively discussions on various online forums, including a dedicated subreddit where users and enthusiasts share their impressions. The opinions, although varied, shed relevant light on this avant-garde product. For example, some reviewers point out defects such as a field of vision considered narrower than what they expected, or even annoying reflections on the lenses, a characteristic that Apple assures is normal.

Among the comments, we find curious anecdotes such as the discovery of the lack of compatibility with 3D adult content. Other users point out, not without irony, that anyone experiencing issues with the **Vision Pro** may not have done the necessary research before purchasing or may not have optimized the lighting in their environment to make the most of it.

The online community also has no shortage of fascinating stories. An individual, presenting himself as a former Apple employee, describes the **Vision Pro** as “the best technology ever experienced”. Unusual exploits such as using the device on a plane or trying to get an immersive echo while shouting in the mountains were also shared, demonstrating the diversity and creativity of users’ experiences.

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Internet users are also sharing photos featuring the **Vision Pro** in various situations, ranging from everyday to more surreal moments captured on video on TikTok, illustrating the extent of the possibilities offered by this technology.

Above all, what most intrigues some curious people is how specific experiences, like playing **StarCraft 2** on the Moon, translate through this new device. As diE.S News reviews and anecdotes pile up, one thing is certain: the **Vision Pro** opens the door to a technological future where the limits are defined by the users themselves. It remains to be seen whether this platform will establish itself as a must-have in the teeming world of technological gadgets.