Le plan d'abonnement le moins cher de Ring augmente de 1 $ par mois

Ring’s least expensive subscription plan increases by $1 per month.

In today’s always-connected world, home security has taken a new turn with the use of connected cameras providing unprecedented peace of mind. However, behind the security facade lies an economic model based on monthly subscriptions which can turn out to be expensive. The package Basic from Ring, the most economical until now, allowed you to store videos in the cloud captured by a camera or video doorbell. However, a recent announcement indicates that the price of this package will increase after March 11 for those renewing their subscription after this date.

Without a subscription, Ring camera users are limited to live viewing and receiving motion alerts, thus deprived of any video storage capacity. This maneuver seems to encourage customers to opt for the company’s higher pricing plans, which do not show an increase. The next plan, costing $10 per month, or $100 per year, is aimed at households with multiple Ring devices, since it offers unlimited storage for an unlimited number of cameras.

This tariff change brings out Blink And Wyze as affordable alternatives, with plans around $3 per month for camera cloud storage. However, it is prudent not to get too attached to these prices which could also experience increases.

Faced with these increases, one solution would be to turn to local video storage. Blink And Wyze offer this functionality, just like the cameras ofEufy And Reolink. The video doorbell, compatible with Apple HomeKit secure video recording, also offers an alternative via iCloud account storage, although Apple’s subscription services are also not immune to price fluctuations.

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This ever-changing landscape of connected home security presents us with a strategic choice between the convenience of cloud access and the foresight of local storage, with each option having its benefits and inevitable costs.