Roundcube: the new Free webmail platform

Against all expectations, IMP gives way to RoundCube as Free’s webmail service. This change is not such bad news. The brand new messaging service offers more features than its predecessor. The fact remains that Free subscribers do not necessarily know how to access this online service. Here is some information that will help them avoid creating an email box on another platform.

Webmail service: what is it?

A webmail service gives you the means to have an electronic mailbox. Enough to allow you to send, receive and consult your emails. This messaging space is accessible online from any device using your smartphone, computer or tablet. That said, you can install your webmail on a terminal of your choice. Despite concerns about data security, few people install a webmail service on their own devices.

Today, we prefer remote services which are much more practical. All you need is a device connected to the internet to manage your emails. In this sense, users can access their emails virtually anytime and anywhere as long as they have their smartphones.

To date, Google and Yahoo webmail are the most used. That said, these are not the only options available to you. Different operators, such as Free, offer their own messaging services. These offer the same advantages as Gmail or Yahoo Mail by being easily accessible from any device. In doing so, these mailboxes are much more secure given that they rarely arouse the interest of hackers. If you are a Free subscriber, the free webmail service should interest you.

Contrary to popular belief, electronic messaging services offered by Internet Service Providers and operators are easily accessible. No need to carry out complicated operations to open your mailbox. The user will have to access a dedicated page to then authenticate. That said, there is a downside. The ISP allocates you limited storage space. This capacity varies from one operator to another but should satisfy you for your exchanges with your loved ones and colleagues.

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What is RoundCube worth? The new Free webmail

As mentioned above, RoundCube succeeds IMP, the former Free webmail. This new service is accessible to anyone who has a Free email address. New subscribers as well as old ones are destined to benefit from this new platform. However, some users will first have to take care of a certain number of procedures beforehand.

The proposed new interface is relatively simple to use. To access your mailbox, you will first need to go to and then enter your identifiers. Once this step is completed, you land directly in your inbox. The Free team took care of the migration of your files from IMP to RoundCube. There are therefore no specific settings to make as long as you have acquired a Free email address. This online messaging service can therefore be used by everyone, both technology enthusiasts and technophobes.

In addition to Roundcube, Free subscribers can access another messaging service called Zimbra. The latter has more features and remains the most used Free webmail.

New Free webmail with new features

RoundCube has received some notable improvements if we were to compare it to IMP. This new free webmail has an intelligent sorting system for your emails. So, like Gmail and other competitors, RoundCube automatically classifies your emails into folders renamed “Spam”, “Commercial” or even “Social Networks”. This new feature will therefore prevent you from losing important messages. With this new free webmail service, you will no longer waste time sorting your emails.

Of course, the online mailbox always gives you the possibility of deactivating these filters. To end this automatic sorting and end up with a webmail comparable to IMP, simply click on the “Settings” option in the menus. You must then access “Filter” and deactivate this sorting.