Samsung affirme que Bixby n'est toujours pas mort

Samsung says Bixby is still not dead.

Contrary to rumors of its decline, Bixby, Samsung’s iconic voice assistant, continues to make waves in the technology arena. In a technological world where each brand seeks to improve its services using artificial intelligence, Samsung is not left out. During a recent interview with CNBC, a company representative shed light on Samsung’s ambitions for Bixby. Won-joon Choi, the executive vice president of the mobile phone department at Samsung, shared a bold vision for the future of this assistant: equipping itself with the latest innovations in AI to improve its capabilities.

The news comes as speculation about Bixby’s obsolescence was fueled by Samsung’s recent announcements about integrating significant generative AI features into its flagship phone models, without significant mention of its voice assistant. Indeed, with the announcement that Galaxy S24 phones would be equipped with Gemini Nano, Google’s artificial intelligence model, theories about Bixby being replaced by Google’s assistant had begun to emerge. However, according to Won-joon Choi, it seems that these speculations are unfounded. Bixby should not only remain in Samsung’s product range but also receive a facelift thanks to generative AI, promising a more fluid and natural user experience.

Samsung’s investment in the >integration of artificial intelligence< in Bixby is not, however, an isolated approach in the technology sector. Giants like Apple are also racing to equip their voice assistants, like Siri, with AI-enhanced capabilities to make them more intelligent and responsive. The announcement of a potential AI-enabled Siri update at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this year is just one example of this trend. In the meantime, Samsung is not sitting idly by. The firm recently rolled out the AI ​​features of the Galaxy S24 to its previous year models, thanks to a One UI 6.1 update, underscoring its commitment to providing an enriched experience to its users, at no additional cost for the moment . This initiative, dubbed Galaxy AI, demonstrates Samsung's commitment to moving with the times and integrating advances in AI into its services.

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In summary, despite suspicions and rumors, Bixby remains a key player in Samsung's strategy, with ambitious plans to make it more relevant and practical for its users in the near future. It looks like Samsung's voice assistant is ready for a comeback awe-inspiring, redefined by the endless possibilities that generative AI has to offer.