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Sea of ​​Thieves player finds the oceans’ rarest chest at the worst possible time

Fortune can be capricious , because at one moment luck chooses to be good and the next moment turns against us. Such a combination can ruin your day, and that’s precisely what happened to one Sea of ​​Thieves player while exploring.

“I’m very sad,” SnooPoems9646 comments in a Reddit post, as reported on GamesRadar+, while attaching an image in which he can be seen digging in the sand. The good news is that he comes across a chest with prodigious secrets, the most coveted in the entire title of Rare due to its extreme rarity, but the joy really didn’t last long.

Sea of ​​Thieves

And in the upper left part of the image we can read a notice of Sea of ​​Thieves warning that “Servers will be down in about 1 minute”, probably due to maintenance, which means you are out of loot. To benefit from the item, you must go to the Morrow’s Peak outpost and sell it to Grace, because she will be responsible for giving us the significant amount of 25,000 gold coins .

So, with such a short margin of time to navigate it, the reward is impossible to obtain. The Chest of Prodigious Secrets can only be found in The Devil’s Roar area and one appears per server so the statistic makes the loss even more painful.

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