SEO referencing: should we use netlinking platforms or not?

Netlinking is today part of one of the strategies that can bring more visibility to a website. Several choices are indeed available to SEO managers. Namely free link exchanges and the purchase of backlinks on platforms intended for this purpose.

Except that today, it is not the quantity of the link that is important. Instead, you should focus on its quality. Therefore, the choice of a site or platform where to insert your link is very important. This has a direct impact on the indexing and positioning of your website on and in search engines. So what to do? Should you trust netlinking platforms? Or is it better to favor free link exchanges? For learn more, I invite you to read the rest of this article carefully

The advantages of netlinking platforms

Getting links quickly and easily

By using a netlinking platform, you benefit from easier and faster obtaining links. And the advantage with this alternative is often the prices they charge. In other words, we can deduce that the prices charged by netlinking platforms are lower than the prices applied for “linkbaiting”.

You can also save time in the process of creating your link on certain platforms.

Increased visibility of your site

Owners will have to go through a key stage in the visibility of their sites. To do this, it is essential to index and reference said sites in search engines. Is this what we call a backlink? In other words, the owner is looking for a way to place a link pointing to his site so that it is more visible to Internet users. And netlinking platforms generally offer the purchase of backlinks.

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​The disadvantages of netlinking platforms

Although they are more or less essential for the SEO of a website, netlinking platforms still have some disadvantages. To know :

The risks of penalization

According to Google’s guidelines, the purchase of backlinks is prohibited. Therefore, you must take certain parameters into account before you start purchasing links from netlinking platforms.

The higher the number of links you buy, the more you risk penalization or even deindexing of your site on Google. You must then remain reasonable regarding the number, quality and choice of your anchor and your links.

Not all links are equal!

Please note, not all netlinking platforms necessarily correspond to the theme of your site. Some links are dubious in the eyes of search engines, including Google in particular. You will indeed need to favor platforms that allow you to obtain links in a more secure way.

Otherwise, know that purchasing backlinks has no impact on your website traffic. Moreover, the main objective of netlinking is to improve the visibility of a site, to then position it in the best SERP results.