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SEO: Take advantage of social networks!

The link between SEO and social media has always been vague. However, it is clear that articles receiving a lot of likes or massively shared are much better positioned on Google results pages. A study published by Hootsuite in 2018 tends to confirm this hypothesis. The survey even reveals that sharing buttons and other elements can increase traffic by 22%. We looked at its statistics as well as good practices for reconciling social networks and SEO strategies.

What is the link between social networks and SEO?

Understand the importance of social networks

Search engines continue to evolve with the internet. The arrival of social networks has also affected the functioning of search engines. These new platforms provide clues about the relevance of the information provided and therefore influence the positioning of web pages.

At a time when 8 out of 10 Internet users connect daily to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Linkedin or Snapchat, content marketing goes hand in hand with social engagement. Social media allows individuals to express their opinions. Opinions that Google tends to consider.

Remember that the French spend on average 80 minutes per day on social networks. At the same time, there are 3.4 billion users worldwide on all platforms combined. Under these conditions, strengthening its presence on these sites is today a major challenge for brands.

Strengthen your presence on social networks

Optimizing the natural referencing of your site via social networks is unthinkable without good visibility on these social media. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions available to you to make your business more visible on these platforms. Today, nothing stops you from increasing the number of subscribers for a fee. You can also collaborate with influencers or launch an advertising campaign.

Beyond your SEO objectives, an effective presence on social networks brings more credibility to an establishment. This will be able to maintain relationships with prospects or loyal customers. The distribution of content via these platforms will help the brand gain notoriety. Its publications will allow the structure to present itself as a reference in its field of activity. Good relationships with influencers will be useful to generate positive buzz that will explode sales.

How do social networks improve the positioning of a web page?

  • They expand the audience

The share buttons allow you to increase the reach of your messages. By sharing an article on your company page, you significantly increase the number of readers. Since most of your subscribers are online daily, broadcast messages will be read by more people. The latter will also be able to relay the information in question. This phenomenon will be observed for textual content as well as for photos or videos.

Depending on the platform in question and the efforts you are willing to make, you will be able to refine your targeting. By strengthening your presence on different social networks, you significantly expand your audience. Moreover, the profile of the majority of users varies from one platform to another. While Linkedin is more successful among 30-45 year olds, Snapchat and Tik Tok are definitely aimed at younger people.

  • They help build a strong brand identity
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Today, it is difficult to imagine a business without a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. These platforms actually help brands to interfere in the daily lives of their targets. This presence on social networks will help the brand receive feedback on its products and services. In a certain way, it helps the establishment to improve its offers and therefore to strengthen its reputation.

  • They promote buzz

The word “buzz” is firmly associated with social networks. A publication will not necessarily cause national buzz. However, a well-written message will bring local stakeholders together around your brand. Moreover, competitions, stories or even surveys are enough to obtain the expected reactions.

  • External links galore

Netlinking is the crux of the matter when it comes to SEO optimization. Social media shares increase the number of external links. Although these are only considered to a lesser extent by Google algorithms, they improve the visibility of your pages. Of course, they increase the virality of content.

Should we buy followers on Facebook and Instagram?

First of all, you will need to realize the importance of Facebook and Instagram. Facebook, the flagship of the Meta group, has more than 2.2 billion active accounts, or more than a quarter of the world’s population. Every second, more than 4,000 statuses are posted online and every minute 1,800 users like a profile. 10 billion messages are also sent daily from this platform.

Instagram, for its part, has more than a billion users, half of whom are online daily. According to statistics, it is the most popular social media after Facebook. Instagram users are much more likely to respond than Facebook users. In these conditions, should you buy subscribers or take the time to build a community?

Buying subscribers: many benefits

This solution will first of all save you time. Building a community on Facebook or Instagram takes a lot of time and money. Typically, you have to wait a whole year to gather enough people. Buying subscribers will allow you to reach your targets more easily. Your publications will be much more visible with a large number of subscribers.

The number of followers indicates the authority level of an account. The more subscribers he has, the more his posts will be visible and highlighted. Exceeding the thousand subscribers mark will therefore be essential to reach your targets. The reactions and messages left by users will be useful in building a new clientele. Buying subscribers therefore ensures entrepreneurs a more comfortable start to their business with valuable feedback that will be used to improve offers.

By linking your site to your business’s Instagram or Facebook account, you’ll create a path directly to your online store. You thus have a point of interaction which will allow direct access to a virtual point of sale. To establish such a connection, however, it will be necessary to place the famous pixel in the right place.

Beyond this practical aspect, an effective presence on social networks facilitates your interactions with prospects and customers. Interactions with your subscribers and different exchanges help to build strong and authentic links. These interactions thus provide the means to maintain a certain proximity with your customers.

In conclusion

Social networks occupy an important place on the internet today. Contrary to popular belief, there are no miracle recipes for boosting the positioning of your site using social media. Webmasters simply need to strengthen their presence on the platforms to then encourage interactions in a natural way. Getting closer to prospects will certainly be beneficial for your 2.0 business.