SEPA SPB direct debit: what to do?

Consulting account statements sometimes reveals surprises such as a SEPA SPB direct debit. Although the amount subtracted is small, this kind of unexpected drain could be unpleasant for the account holder. Here is what to do about this observation.

Insurance and SEPA SPB direct debit

The SPB SEPA direct debit is a sum that the SPB insurance company subtracts from a bank account. This is coverage for people and property linked to a mobile phone. The mobile owner may have signed up to this contract himself, but often the decision was made by a telephone operator.

Banking provident company, SPB Assurances offers different types of policies to individuals. The company deploys a wide range of coverage ranging from mobile telephony to loans, including complementary health, energy and travel and leisure of all kinds. It even protects against fraud relating to online purchases. That said, the company based at Quai Colbert mainly insures mobile phones.

It covers devices against accidental breakage, theft or breakdown or deterioration of general condition due to rust. Subscription to this policy can be made by the operator through the SEPA system which stands for Single Euro Payment Area or common transfer area for the 27 countries of the European Union.

Stop paying for this insurance

The SPB deduction is not justified when the mobile telephone operator has registered a subscriber on insurance covering their device without their consent. You will need to contact SPB Assurances customer service. The cancellation request can be sent by post, via a form or by voice call. This termination letter should mention the name of the operator as well as the subscriber’s chip number.

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Like any other direct debit, that of the SEPA SPB can be blocked from the bank or by adding it to the blacklist. The latter includes all recipients who will never be able to receive money from the account holder. This process is carried out online through the personal space or with the help of a telephone advisor.

Reimbursement possible under certain conditions

If the SPB collection constitutes abuse, the person who feels wronged can request compensation. That said, it must first proceed to block and blacklist the insurance recipient of automatic payments. When the current account is already debited without any signed direct debit mandate, the customer has thirteen months to cancel the transaction and demand a refund.

It is also recommended to contact the telephone operator to cancel the subscription made on behalf of a subscriber. The company can directly accept or convince the user not to cancel the insurance to benefit from coverage for their device. For its part, the company does not apply any fees if the cancellation is made within 14 days of subscription.