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Shadow reviews its strategy and launches 5,000 new PCs accessible from the Cloud

Proud to represent French creative genius, Shadow was placed in receivership in 2021. A software solution provider, the French brand offers virtual PCs. The user can enjoy a remote computer with satisfactory computing power and adequate RAM. The almost bankrupt company was saved by Octave Klaba, founding president of OVH, leader in Cloud Computing in France.

Shadow’s revival relies on a revamped strategy

At its beginnings, Shadow had the ambition to tackle a cutting-edge sector reserved for a small handful of players. Forming a closed club, the latter are often large IT groups with solid financial health who wish to diversify. After its tumultuous launch, the French brand has a better understanding of the online computer market. The young company has learned from its errors of judgment. From now on, the company will offer a win-win service with a revised quality/price ratio.

Among the new directives, there is the change in price, the adjustment of the contract terms as well as the investment in more efficient servers. According to Blade, the company behind the Shadow brand, it is imperative to better manage the trust that the user community has had in it for a little over 5 years. The report is strongly shaped by a story full of great promise. Managers actively listen to their customers. They communicate less and prefer to provide concrete solutions to each subscriber’s need.

The ambition to reach 100,000 customer portfolios

Shadow more than needs to reach the 100,000 user mark during this relaunch. This number has been exceeded in the past and the brand hopes to be able to keep it. To do this, they need to adopt new approaches. It is more than necessary to resolve the issue of intermittent waiting due to server problems. From fall 2021, Shadow was equipped with 5,000 additional instant access points.

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With this redesign, the online PC system should not try its users’ patience. Activation of the virtual computer takes just 72 hours maximum. The provision of new hardware installations and more efficient servers also revives the enthusiasm of the Shadow team. The staff remains the same overall. With comfortable technical and financial resources, the marketing department now follows a service policy focused on growth.

Towards the creation of an innovative software environment

Under the leadership of OVH, Shadow can accelerate the pace to conquer the virtual PC market. The new financial, technical and human resources are strategic to it. Added to these elements is his know-how and good knowledge of the sector. It now remains for the team to develop software that will truly stand out from the rest.

For this year 2022, the company is revising its objectives upwards. It believes it will achieve its targeted turnover with reworked life cycles to stay ahead of the pack. In the field of software and online services, you have to create a good product and offer a better one before others can copy it. In fact, the brand had to develop an authentication system, relevant management tools and a more modern payment method.

Likely target change for Shadow

Then, the brand adopted a visual identity in line with its new target. The logo and advertising materials more closely reflect a clientele that it did not initially anticipate. In 2016, its main founder Emmanuel Freund mainly wanted to target online video game fans. However, their need was almost technically unfeasible. This pushes the brand to readjust its business model.

Currently, OVH mainly wants to offer its virtual PCs to B2B customers. The Cloud Computing giant seeks above all to attract professionals looking for technological means that are not necessarily exceptional, but with software adapted to their core business. Otherwise, Octave Klaba deploys all his influence to give Shadow the material infrastructure that allows it to experience lasting growth. There is in particular the collaboration with INpact, another name to remember when it comes to servers. Wait and see.