Tirer sur le mur n'a aucun sens dans Bayonetta, mais la sorcière cache un joli clin d'œil parmi la rafale de balles

Shooting the wall makes no sense in Bayonetta, but the witch hides a cute wink among the flurry of bullets

We still have to thank Hideki Kamiya and the entire team at PlatinumGames having created the crazy fantasy of Bayonetta. The charismatic witch was released in 2010 on European territory and her incredible adventures allowed us to enjoy two sequels as well as a recent spin-off.

The protagonist’s ability to annihilate demons is virtually unmatched, as she is able to use it Scarborough pistols for firing bursts of bullets unstoppable It is true that the ammunition is infinite, but there is no point in shooting anywhere other than directly at the enemy… unless you empty the magazine into a wall.

If you do that Bayonetta remains completely still and you shoot at a wall, you will be able to see how a figure begins to take shape automatically through the marks of the projectiles. First, a characteristic “B” of your own name will appear and later a heart will appear, as if you had left your signature. Below you can see the sequence.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bayonetta We can unlock Jeanne, the witch’s eternal rival, by obtaining a million Halos or reaching platinum score in all levels. If we control her, she will shoot at the walls and show first a “J” and then a diamond, so she will have her own animations. This little Easter egg was kept in other parts of the saga.

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