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Simulators and comparators: who are they really?

Online simulators and comparators: are they really advantageous?

Which is the best…this is a query that many people have already typed into a search engine. Whether you are looking for a service such as life insurance, credit repair or other, online comparators abound and praise the merit of this or that service provider in their own way.

What do you think of online comparators and other online simulators? Are they a real aid to choice or are they simple marketing showcases intended to influence your choice? This is what we will try to discover in this complete file.
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This lucrative business, however, remains no less practical for users because in a large majority of cases, the complete information provided by these information aggregators saves significant time.

Is it really possible to save and/or earn money using online comparators and simulators?

Now that we have taken a look at the business model of online comparison sites and we know the financial interests they represent, a question remains to be asked: Is the information provided by these sites truly useful? Do online simulators and comparators provide real added value to their users?
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Simulate and compare different life insurance offers using online comparators

First of all, let’s remember that the operating principle of a life insurance simulation consists of projecting a personal situation at a time “T” based on defined parameters.

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It is obvious that the results of a simulation should not necessarily be interpreted literally. Please take into account that a simulator is not able to offer you a commercial offer but “simulates” the probability. This is a decision support tool.

Simulate life insurance to discover the potential gains

Even before subscribing to a life insurance contract, simulating gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and understand how to grow your capital.

Among the information taken into account in the simulation, we find (non-exhaustively):

  • The insurer’s annual rate
  • The amount and date of the first payment
  • The estimated duration of your investment

You will also be able to configure the type of payments envisaged as well as their frequency. You will also be able to specify the estimated amounts of payment fees as well as management fees.

The more information you are able to provide and the more precise it is, the more your life insurance simulator will be able to provide you with concrete information concerning your future interests and capital gains that your capital will be able to provide you with. bring.

Simulating the redemption of life insurance is also possible. It will then give you the opportunity to view the amount of your savings after tax over time. You will also have access to an overview of the amount of payments to be made if your primary objective is to obtain regular income from your investment.

To conclude

The use of an insurance simulator is generally beneficial. However, you will need to prepare your data well, otherwise obtaining real decision-making support will be complicated. Comparators can also provide a lot of significant information. In any case, before committing, take your time to determine your needs yourself and then compare the offers.