SNCF psychotechnical tests

Evolving within the SNCF means pursuing a stable professional career and practicing an exciting profession. Whatever your motivations for joining the French national railway company, you will have to start by passing the psychotechnical tests. Here are some tips for passing the tests with flying colors.

Prepare the SNCF psychotechnical tests

The positions to be filled within the SNCF are varied. Some are technical, but there are also jobs focused on communication and administration. It will even be possible for you to pursue a commercial career there. In all cases, the tests allow the national company to verify the cognitive faculties and sense of logic in each profile. They gauge the ability to occupy a particular position.

Before getting a job with the SNCF, you must go through the usual process which includes 6 stages starting with the selection of files and the tests. These dreaded tests must be worked on in advance. Sites offer standard questionnaires that can help candidates. The service is naturally paid for, but tell yourself that you are investing in skills that will be useful to you on other occasions.

Mnemonic assessments allow you to know if a person can follow the training to become a train driver, rail switcher, railway technician or maintenance agent. Most trades within the national society cannot be learned elsewhere. An electromechanic diploma or a driving license for construction machinery can always be useful for the selection of files. Only the tests will decide between people with the same qualifications.

Become aware of the recruiter’s requirements

SNCF psychotechnical tests are renowned for their intransigence. The national company is also known for imposing a lengthy evaluation procedure on its candidates. After the 6 stages of recruitment, you will also have to endure a trial period which lasts 3 or 6 months depending on the positions. So many barriers allow the railway company to ensure that the recruit is actually in his place. Before sending your application in response to an advertisement, carefully read the job description and the required profile.

Know that for each position to be filled, thousands of candidates will be competing. Thus, the scores obtained during the tests will weigh heavily on the selection of the best candidates. The score system is used precisely to skim the mass of applicants. Several people may be selected, but in the end, only one will sign the permanent contract. During your trial period, your line manager notes your actions and completes a detailed evaluation grid.

At SNCF, the hiring procedure varies depending on the position offered. For management staff, for example, the evaluation period takes several months. Future heads of operations are judged on 3 years of service. The path to permanent employment is much shorter for the train driver or rail switchman, especially since the company invests in training for these professions. These positions are characterized by difficult psychological tests according to those who have passed them.

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Strengthen skills to integrate railway workers

The jobs offered by the French railway company are multidisciplinary. All those who have joined this national transport company already have the skills relevant to the positions they occupy. Basic mechanics or experience as a truck driver can help if you want to become a train driver. That said, good general knowledge can also work to your advantage during the interview. At least take the trouble to find out about the services and history of the SNCF.

The French railway company imposes a long series of questions on you in a short time. It would be better to work on your ability to concentrate. Pay lots of attention to details. In the profession of rail supervisor or switchman, the slightest deviation can be fatal for many innocent people. Empathy is another ability that differentiates the best candidates. Future railway workers must realize that they are serving a diverse public which requires a lot of patience.

For certain positions, mastery of foreign languages ​​would be an asset. This is valid for commercial professions, but not only. As in aviation, technicians must also have a minimum basic level of English. Another important detail: the company is looking for procedural personnel who know how to apply the manual stricto sensu and who will react optimally in the event of an emergency. Once you become a railway worker, you need to remember the standards and regulations at all times.

Show intelligence, positivity and responsiveness

SNCF psychotechnical tests probe your intelligence. A sense of logic is essential to succeed in the various tests of the recruitment process. The company wants to increase its ranks with people capable of resolving problems quickly, calmly and respecting safety instructions. The attitude of a future employee can be reflected by their responses during telephone conversations and tests. Some questions highlight the sense of responsibility.

Positivity is essential to pass the SNCF tests. Some questions seem so difficult that candidates sometimes end up letting their stress show. Panic has no place on a train and even less so among switchmen or sales staff. In short, before the psychotechnical tests, take the time to learn how to manage your stress. Try relaxation, yoga or another method to be as calm as possible without falling asleep once in front of the recruiter.

There are various ways to remain stoic while paying attention to details. The least you could do would be to practice with typical psychotechnical tests. Also remember that you can skip the most difficult questions to better manage your time. However, this will reduce your points. As with the official exams, adopt a healthy lifestyle and try to sleep 8 hours a night at least a week before taking the tests.