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Sports betting: Do you have to declare your winnings?

Avid sports betting enthusiast or possibly interested? It is true that during this period of confinement, more and more people are interested in online games of chance and betting. One thing is certain, luck can quickly change and a question arises in the event of winning money: should you declare your sports betting winnings to the French administration?

Can everyone bet on sports betting?

Very attractive for sports enthusiasts of all kinds, sports betting offers the advantage of being able to give a lucrative touch to the passions of many people and it is clear that it is much easier to earn money in this form , whether at PMU, very popular in France, or at games of chance, which are based more on the luck factor than on knowledge of a field strictly speaking.
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Earnings and income taxes

If you are a regular player yourself and you occasionally win winnings, rest assured that these are not to be declared as a source of income. Indeed, the inflow of money linked to games of chance, even regular ones, is authorized by French law. Be aware that the French State benefits from this, whether you are a winner or a loser, the latter pockets 7.5% of the sums paid by the player to sports betting sites and therefore, even if you win prizes several times a month. earnings, this income is not considered work in itself. Be careful, however, because if luck favors you too much, it will have an unfortunate tendency to arouse the suspicions of our dear citizens!

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Withholding tax

As you will have understood, no mandatory declaration for your sports betting winnings due to a law which does not equate this type of winnings with income strictly speaking. However, the tax imposed on online betting sites ultimately represents a tidy sum equivalent to 7.5% of the sums paid by the player, so there is no need to specify it, but the State largely benefits from it. This money goes directly into the pockets of the Ministry of Public Finance but also benefits Social Security. This is, among other things, one of the reasons why in France, winnings in sports betting can seem less significant.

Can we really consider sports betting as a source of income?

As is the case in many areas, France, in terms of taxation, does not offer idyllic conditions compared to our close European neighbors. That being said, betting regularly while remaining reasonable with your spending allows many players to put their money where their mouth is. Be careful, however, to keep a cool head and not get carried away in the madness of online betting and other games of chance! Addiction to games can quickly lead you to catastrophic financial situations and if you ever have the slightest difficulty in moderating your enthusiasm, the official website is a source of information that we advise you to consult without delay!