Start-up: the prerequisites for creating an SAS

Are you considering creating an SAS or simplified joint stock company? This form of joint stock company is advantageous on several points. The freedom of its operation and management is particularly interesting. The law applied to these statuses is indeed very flexible. However, a few rules must be respected to successfully complete your project. So what are the prerequisites for creating an SAS?

How an SAS works

A SAS is generally created by at least two partners. These may be natural or legal persons. The liability of each partner is limited to the contributions injected into the capital of the company. In other words, in the event of debts, creditors cannot claim more than this contribution. Which offers a optimal protection for personal property partners. The SAS is appreciated for its flexible operation. The partners can freely define the statutes and organize the management of the company as they wish. It is headed by a president, considered as an employee and participates in contributions to the general Social Security system.

The SAS is a wise choice for start-ups which aim to develop efficiently, because it is easier to integrate new investors into the capital. Please note that you are obliged to publish a legal notice from SAS in one of the legal notice journals, whether upon its creation, a change of purpose of the firm or even a transfer of head office.

SAS creation

The SAS legal announcement: what is it?

You must follow a few steps when creating an SAS. To be able to practice legally, it is essential to provide company registration at the commercial court registry in the department where your company’s head office is located. Added to this is the publication of the legal announcement from SAS. What is it exactly?

How to write a legal notice from SAS?

Online platforms can be of great help to you if you wish to publish a legal announcement from SAS in just a few clicks. Once all the information has been provided, a certificate of publication will be provided to you. For it to be valid, this announcement must mention some mandatory information such as the nature and date of the act, the company name of the company, its acronym and its legal form, the amount of the share capital and its variability, the address of the head office or even data concerning the president.

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Favoring sites specializing in the creation of legal SAS announcements allows you to use complete models. This way, you do not risk forgetting the obligatory information in the ad. This option is synonymous with saving time and efficiency. You will thus be able to comply with the law, thanks to an admissible announcement to the registry. It is a solution which does not commit you and which allows you to have a precise idea of ​​the cost of the notice of incorporation of your company.

Why is this legal announcement essential?

Registering your business is an essential step in creation of it. The law therefore requires the publication of a legal announcement when creating an SAS to notify third parties of the registration of your new company. This must take place immediately, after the establishment and signing of the statutes. It is intended to be distributed in a legal notices newspaper of the SAS head office department.

The signature of a notary must be present in the event of a notarial deed. However, that of one of the founding partners will suffice for an act drawn up under private signature. You should know that missing information in the advertisement or an error when writing it may result in the company being refused registration in the trade and companies register.

What is the cost of publishing this legal notice from SAS?

The cost of disseminating SAS’s legal announcement was clearly defined by article 3 of the PACTE law since January 1, 2021. There are eight packages which vary depending on the legal form of the company. In addition, pricing remains the same for all departments. However, the cost is increased by 20% for Réunion and Mayotte. If it amounts to €197 excluding tax for the other departments, this price rises to €236 excluding tax for these two others.

Although creating an SAS is simple and flexible, certain rules must be respected. The publication of a legal notice from SAS is obligatory upon its creation. This step is essential for registering your company in the trade and companies register. Know that you can write it on online platforms dedicated to avoid oversights and errors.