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Stickers, Covering, Textiles, Personalized Mugs… Physical advertising media, marketing boon or has-been?

In the digital age, there are few companies, regardless of their size and status, that do not have a website. Whether its use is to advertise the latter or to act as a commercial channel strictly speaking, the usefulness of a website is essential. But what about physical advertising media such as stickers, textiles, personalized mugs and other promotional items? Should we ignore physical media or, on the contrary, should we prefer to move towards them? This is the question this article will attempt to answer.

In the business world, B2B or B2C, promotional items have always existed and allow, at a lower cost, to communicate for a specific event or to promote a brand, a store or a business.a company. The wealth of physical advertising media makes it possible to adapt as needed, both in terms of form and cost.

Personalized stickers and stickers

Stickers are an excellent communication medium that are very easy to personalize. Increasingly, decorative vehicle adhesives are used by many car manufacturers themselves for this support because it has many advantages. Apart from the cost aspect, car stickers represent a very affordable and simple way to personalize your car or any other type of support easily and sustainably.

Wall stickers and car stickers have come into prominence in recent years because the designs offered to the general public are becoming more and more numerous. Also, the simplicity with which it is possible to personalize wall stickers in terms of size and color makes them a unique way for decoration and advertising.

To know that a Collection of Car Stickers to personalize can also be used for advertising your business. In fact, self-adhesive lettering can be cut out and stuck on your windshield to display your activity or your contact details. This type of automobile sticker represents an excellent vector of communication.

Uses of car stickers

Car stickers can be easily stuck to any type of surface, so they can be adapted to all types of bodywork, trailers, windows, dashboards, etc. THE proven resistance of the vinyl film used in the manufacture of car stickers allows them to be washed with a jet, but also with high pressure washing. Bad weather, heat and cold are not a problem and ultimately, car stickers offer a lifespan of up to 10 years outdoors and an unlimited lifespan indoors.

Implementation and installation of car stickers

Very easy, applying car stickers does not require any special attention other than taking your time, preparing the surface well by washing and consistent degreasing and avoiding dust at all costs. Indeed, dust is the main enemy of applying stickers; the latter, even if invisible to the eye, stick between the bodywork and the adhesive, creating a multitude of small bumps perceived as bubbles. To prevent this from happening when applying your stickers, it is imperative to work in a clean room and, failing that, to work preferably in humid weather, to allow dust to fall to the ground rather than floating in the air. ‘ambiant air.

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Personalized items, what are the advantages from a marketing point of view?

Personalized advertising items of any kind (stickers cut from the mass, stickers, pens, personalized mugs, clothing, etc.) all have a certain advantage over ordinary advertising: they persist over time and causes its user to be exposed to your logo or the name of the product/company that you wish to promote, anchors this image in their subconscious and as a result, improves perceived trust and maximizes the possibilities of conversion.

Much more effective than a repeated and hammered advertisement which tends to annoy the audience more than to make you known in a positive way, an advertising article, as long as it finds a real usefulness offers from all points of view, an excellent result when marketing campaigns.

The other clear advantage is the controlled cost. Advertising and/or decorative items are cost controlled from A to Z and what is more, if you make the right choice, will have an effectiveness corresponding to your expectations.. An average Marketing campaign will have a more random effect, often difficult to estimate.

What are the most popular promotional items at the moment?

Among the most fashionable objects at the moment, pens, stickers and mugs are part of the top three. Next came textiles, which were much more expensive and therefore more difficult to access for small businesses. Along with printed calendars, these are the least expensive media to purchase and the most used on a daily basis. Of course, avoid overly standard markings and dare to be original to stand out from the competition.

A communication medium that is too neglected and little known, vehicle personalization aka, Covering.

Whether you are self-employed, a craftsman or you own one or more company vehicles, the best way to make yourself known is to personalize them in your image and for this, Covering is a very advantageous solution in many respects.

If you don’t know what Covering is, it is a self-adhesive and thermoformable vinyl film that can be printed and which advantageously replaces personalized painting in terms of cost and implementation.

Installing the Film covering is in itself very simple, but calling on a professional workshop is clearly recommended to obtain the best possible result.

Covering adhesive for cars (or any other body-built vehicle) does not require any special maintenance. All you need to do is avoid washing your car with too powerful a jet of water and follow the instructions of your bodybuilder. Visually speaking, a total covering transforms any automobile into a communication medium.

Concerning the legislation in force, nothing prohibits a modification of the appearance of the vehicle. Be careful however on one detail, the glass surfaces must be covered with micro-perforated covering film.