Streamonsport: what is the official address of the site in [month] [year]?

Unlike films and series which can be watched at any time, sporting events are much less interesting when they are not followed live. Platforms such as Streamonsport’s mission is to bring competitions to life as if you were there. Football match, tennis tournament or boxing evening, the offers are richly varied. However, the platforms offering this entertainment for free are often forced to regularly change their domain names and host. Find in this article one of the most essential addresses for streaming sports.

Good reasons to go to Streamonsport

Launched by Kim Dotcom, Streamonsport offers to follow the biggest sporting events. The site attracted crowds during Euro 2021 and Ligue 1 matches. It is also the right address to experience the Wimbledon tournament. Fans of Olympic competitions are not left out either. This platform is a MegaUpload recommended by Internet users. It allows delayed viewing of late meetings. Visitors can download the game to watch it at their leisure. Free content comes from paid channels.

A free site, without registration or other commitment

Going against the business model of paid sports channels, Streamonsport offers completely free streams. The visitor does not even have to register to access the content of his choice. This is the secret to the success of this platform. Moreover, copiers followed his example, but immersed their customers in a deluge of advertisements. For its part, Streamonsport simply offers links leading to sporting events. This is a directory where all disciplines are represented.

An address that changes regularly

Like download-area and most streaming sites, Streamonsport is not well regarded by the authorities. French law on the right to broadcast requires the platform to regularly change its address. Currently, it is available at It is also possible to connect from If these two links do not work, you will have to try

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The same simplified interface

Regardless of the address used, the site interface remains the same. The Menu at the top of the home page allows you to choose a discipline. These include football, motorcycling, tennis, NBA basketball and Formula 1. Links to sports channels are also available. Then, the Direct button on the right allows you to access the meetings. Our tip: avoid the HD mention. It opens onto a river of advertising. As on video sites, you must press Play to start the sequence.

What about the legality of this platform?

The answer is negative. Streamonsport is not a legal streaming site. The content is freely available although you normally have to pay to be able to view it. Arcom, the competent regulatory authority in this area, considers the activity of the platform as a set of breaches, in particular the non-respect of intellectual property. In France, similar sites are punished in various ways, including blocking by Internet service providers. Their customers may also suffer repression such as PC confiscation.

Bypass ISP blocks

Internet service providers systematically block illegal streaming sites. Visitors will be able to circumvent this measure by using a VPN. A private virtual network allows you to surf on any platform, especially those that broadcast films and sporting events. Concretely, you must subscribe to the services of providers such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. The price for a year ranges between €50 and €100, which remains below a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Other legal or illegal sites to enjoy sport

Streamonsport is not alone in its sector. Other similar platforms offer live monitoring of sporting events of all kinds. Those who want to stay legal will find addresses that respect their ethics. Paid content providers such as Beinsport, RMC or Canal+ are worth trying. There are also 100% rebellious publishers who go beyond several French laws. Often, the sites are based in a country with little regard for intellectual property and do not encounter any problems with local justice.

Many alternatives to Streamonsport

Some Streamonsport competing sites specialize in a sporting discipline. This is the case of which devotes its content to football. It is a recommended address to fully experience the euphoria of European competitions. Then, there are also general platforms which do not honor the king of sport. Channel Stream goes off the beaten track by offering sailing, golf and cycling. What discipline would you like to follow?