photo d'une camera de surveillance connectée

Surveillance camera: Opt for video surveillance in the Cloud era.

Easy to install, simple to use and very accessible when compared to traditional and complex video surveillance systems, connected cameras are becoming widely available among individuals but also for businesses who want to be able to keep an eye on their belongings without having to be nearby and in complete peace of mind. The price of connected cameras has evolved and they are now accessible to all budgets for the most basic models and in the majority of cases, premium models are worth 4x less than a high-end smartphone.

When used, connected surveillance cameras allow the user, from an internet browser or an application installed on their smartphone, to see and hear what is happening in real time at their home but also receive a notification by email or SMS when an intrusion is detected in your home or in the monitored area. Also, some models can permanently record what is happening in its field of vision and keep a complete history of several days in memory. This type of camera stores data either on the cloud, or via an SD card installed inside it. The advantage of connected cameras is therefore to be able to receive notifications in real time accompanied by a video capture or an image, and this, even if you are on the other side of the world. The security provided by these devices is real and appreciable.

The ergonomics of connected cameras

The simplicity of installing a connected surveillance camera fact thatit is now no longer necessary to call on a professional to install them. In fact, you just need to plug it into the mains and connect your camera to your home’s internet network via wifi, or by an Ethernet cable depending on the model. Note that today there are also completely autonomous cameras like the Arlo range from Netgear or even more affordable models like the Blink XT2. With this type of model, you will only need to charge your battery and connect it to wifi, no cables needed, installation is child’s play.

In terms of features, the ease of use varies greatly from one model to another. The ideal is to opt for big brand models., often recognized for the ergonomics of their applications. On this point, Nest, Bosch, Netatmo and Ring are safe bets.

Also note that models which have a so-called option of Geofencing allow you to automatically deactivate detection when the user’s smartphone is detected in a given area. Very convenient.

Advice – If you need to install several surveillance cameras, choose one and the same brand. You will be able to control them from the same application.

Image quality and resolution

On a large majority of models on the market, the image quality, although excellent, does not allow a face to be clearly identified from a distance. Only 4K connected cameras are able to give full satisfaction on this point. In all cases, image quality varies a lot from model to model and it is mainly in difficult conditions, meaning bad weather or at night, that entry-level models will quickly reach their limits. Before purchasing, make sure that the model you are interested in is equipped with an infrared spot to allow it to film at night. In the absence of night vision, some models are equipped with powerful LED lighting, allowing you to replace the lighting on an entrance porch for example. This device becomes very practical at night and can be activated automatically when an intruder is detected, which scare away the least fierce criminals.

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Integrated detection systems

Once again, the effectiveness of motion or people detection systems varies greatly from one model to another. Technically this can range from a simple motion detection system in the image as on Xiaomi surveillance cameras, to the most complex facial recognition system using Cloud Computing and artificial intelligence, present among others on the NEST IQ. If your camera is likely to be near a busy place, choosing a model that allows you to delimit the detection zones is imperative. This will save you the hassle of receiving numerous unnecessary and annoying notifications. The same applies if you plan to install it in a wooded area, in fact the simple movement of the branches in the image can trigger an intrusion notification. With zone management, this type of problem does not arise. Some models, such as those in the NEST range, are equipped with sound detection which can be triggered if an abnormal sound exceeds a certain threshold. Very practical and safe in quiet areas.

Local or cloud storage?

Some models offer to store images locally on a Micro SD card or even on internal memory integrated into the camera. Although some people would tend to prefer physical storage at their home, be aware that this presents many disadvantages, notably in the case where your burglar gets hold of the camera, you will be able to say goodbye not only to your personal belongings but also to images from your video surveillance as well as your camera. Cloud storage is preferred these days and more and more manufacturers offer it for free (in a limited way most often) with the purchase of the camera and, where applicable, via a reasonable subscription ranging from 3 to 15€/month and which allows you to benefit from a connection with minimal latency and security.

For the most advanced surveillance cameras like the NEST IQ, connection to the cloud is imperative to benefit from innovative features such as easy recognition, which uses the power of cloud computing.

Securing your data is important

Despite a low risk of leakage due to the security of data by data storage companies, it is impossible to guarantee 100% that your surveillance camera does not transmit its images to a hacker who has entered the system. of the latter. To prevent this from happening, remember to regularly perform the updates made available to you by the manufacturer of your camera but also to change the default password for your account by a more complex and therefore more secure one. If you do not use the video surveillance functionality permanently, some models have a retractable lens, like the Bosch 360 or simply a flap in front of their lens. Other models simply offer the possibility for the user to cut off the broadcast of the video stream automatically or manually.

How much should you budget for a connected surveillance camera?

Nowadays, you can find connected surveillance cameras offering free cloud access from €49 as for certain entry-level but nevertheless high-performance Xiaomi models. If you don’t need high-performance models or your budget is limited, this can be a good first choice to get a foot in the world of video surveillance. For people concerned about their safety and wanting a high-performance model from the start, you will have to pay at least €100 to get something decent. As for premium cameras, such as the latest models from NEST, 4K wifi surveillance cameras or 100% autonomous models like the ARLO, you will have to pay at least €300. The right balance is not to opt for the least expensive model with the simple aim of saving money but to base it on your real needs because let’s not forget, your safety and peace of mind are the absolute priority. when purchasing a surveillance camera.