Swiss online casino player’s guide: finding a legal establishment

Switzerland is a reference in terms of gambling regulations throughout Europe. The country has succeeded in creating a particularly secure legal framework for players from all backgrounds. However, learning to identify online casinos authorized to operate remains essential to protect yourself against any mishap. If you are looking for a virtual gambling house that operates legally, here is some information that will certainly be useful to you.

Update on Swiss legislation regarding casinos

As mentioned previously, Switzerland is a model in terms of igaming legislation. Until a few years ago, operators working in this sector were not authorized to broadcast any form of advertising. This ban aimed to protect citizens, particularly the youngest, from gambling addiction. Although this decision has recently been revoked, casinos are still required to obtain a license from the Federal Gaming Commission. (CFMJ) to operate in Switzerland. Furthermore, gambling platforms must be affiliated with a land-based casino that has received authorization from the CMJF.

Currently, you can get an overview of the casinos authorized in Switzerland by simply consulting a comparison. These web pages give you the essential information you need to know about the main players in the iGaming market on the other side of the Alps. Despite the measures taken by the authorities, we must not relax our vigilance. Indeed, cybercriminals are doubling their ingenuity to gain access to your banking data or to usurp your identity. You can therefore quite easily find yourself on the home page of a site created with the sole aim of harming you.

How to identify legal virtual casinos in Switzerland?

Certainly, the CFMJ relentlessly tracks illegal platforms. However, be aware that some portals manage to slip through the cracks. Hence the importance of learning to recognize fraudulent online casinos. Firstly, it is strongly recommended to check whether the site has received the license issued by the CMJF. At the same time, make sure that the portal also has a physical address in Switzerland. This must correspond to the address of a brick-and-mortar casino. You can definitely check this detail by running a simple search using Google Maps.

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Usually, scammers don’t take care of their sites. Thus, the game library is filled with games whose publishers are little known, or even completely unknown. Before registering, take the time to consult the list of publishers. Try to identify some big names in iGaming. If you don’t recognize any of these publishers, move on. Finally, we must warn you that by registering with an online casino you will be required to contact those responsible at one time or another. It is therefore in your best interest to test customer support. To obtain objective opinions on the subject, simply consult specialized forums. Many players share their feelings about the services offered by an online casino.