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Tears of the Kingdom with a huge bicharraco and the result is very epic

The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom community has proven to be on another level since the game’s launch, both for its ability to solve puzzles in the most original ways possible and for building the craziest vehicles that we have seen for a long time. We have shown you many curiosities, but the protagonist of this publication is another story.

Imagine making a film (or short film) about Godzilla and use the building system to create a mechanical gadget worthy of any episode of the Power Rangers . That’s exactly what the Twitter user called @sumguri2323discovered thanks to u/zelfeel’s post on Reddit.

In case you build a Godzilla life-sized and fully functional in-game. At the very least, he used it to recreate an attack on a small town defended by tanks. It’s a scene that many movie fans can surely recognize.

The comments on the Reddit post surely represent you: “Simply incredible. Well done,” says iron_ferret22. “Great job on the attention to detail. The hands! The mouth during the scream! Amazing!” adds Andreweater. Meanwhile, two users remember the film’s famous dialogue Powers of Austin : “It looks like Godzilla, but because of international copyright laws, it’s not!” says one. “We should still run like it’s Godzilla!”, replies the other.

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