5G validated and ready to be launched in France

illustration du reseau 5G

Last Tuesday, the government made public a report requested before the summer and whose conclusions affirm that it is now necessary to set up the 5G network and that the health risks of this technology allowing speeds 50x faster than 4G have no harmful effects on health. The executive has ruled and the technological evolution towards this technology is now

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Discover AWS Bracket, The Quantum Cloud by Amazon

quantic cloud computing

aws console Although suffering a slight delay compared to its competitors in the field ofquantum computing, Amazon recently launched a Cloud computing which will allow users to benefit from this major innovation. With Amazon Web Service Bracket, the firm intends to provide professionals and researchers around the world with quantum infrastructures to advance science or explore new horizons with Big

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Microsoft Unveils Revolutionary Holographic Data Storage System

photo stockage donnees holographique

On September 23, during the 2020 edition of the ignite conference, Microsoft has reaffirmed its ambition to become the market leader in cloud computing. In this sense, the American giant notably presented the HSD system: an ingenious system allowing large-scale storage of data using optical crystals. Microsoft intends to rely on its innovation capabilities to get ahead, Amazon AWS, its

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Goal line technology: When technology meets professional football

infographie du fonctionnement de lagoal line technology

All that was missing was technology coming to the heart of football stadiums with this system or rather this aid, supposed to be able to analyze football actions from all angles and with the greatest possible precision and thus not replace , but actually assist the referee in his decisions. This opportunity offered to the largest stadiums has the advantage

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Shelblock: Finally a viable alternative to Adblock?

logo du logiciel shelblock

It’s no secret that every day, the hours we spend in front of our screen surfing the internet are punctuated by numerous advertisements and other trackers intended to collect information on our behavior either to better target us, or to resell this information. to third party companies. The arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a good initiative

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NASA achieves the first long-distance quantum teleportation!

teleportation quantique nasa

A joint team of researchers from Caltech, the Department of Energy’s Fermilab, AT&T, Harvard University, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and the University of Calgary announced that they have succeeded in teleport photon qubits over approximately 27 miles (43.4523 kilometers) of fiber optic cable, by Fermilab. Similar projects had been carried out in the past; However, this one stands out from

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Online casinos and virtual reality

photo d'un casque de réalité virtuelle

In the field of video games, several recent technologies are leading to the renewal of the genre. Virtual reality, aka V.R for short, and augmented reality are some of the innovations meeting with great success among gamers from all walks of life. The booming V.R fashion does not, however, stop at pure gaming as we know it today. Other sectors

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What are the differences between Docker and Kubernetes?

kubernetes vs docker

In principle, Docker and Kubernetes are complementary tools, but have great disparities. The first takes care of the management of Linux containers, while the second manages their orchestration. In addition to this major difference, other points make it possible to differentiate these two terms. Let’s find out together in this article. Definition of Docker Developing an application involves different processes:

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Google is banking on a new chip to improve YouTube videos

vcu google youtube

Google has accomplished a small revolution which has nevertheless gone unnoticed. Indeed, the Mountain View giant has developed a transcoding chip that will optimize the playback and loading of videos on YouTube. A project which required years of research and which today is bearing fruit to the delight of fans of podcasts and vlogs. A revolutionary chip? The transition to

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Google Tensor, details on the new mobile processor

photo du processeur google tensor

Intended for the Alphabet group’s range of Smartphones, Google Tensor is an 8-core processor using 5nm technology. This CPU borrows neural functioning. It is positioned in the class of latest generation chips from Qualcomm, Samsung or Apple. Able to overshadow its adversaries, this chipset uses ARM architecture and manages artificial intelligence better than its competitors. Here is an overview of

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What is OCR?

definition ocr

A desk full of documents stacked on top of each other, a mountain of receipts and invoices to process and analyze, employees who waste considerable time manually entering the data necessary for this or that task… Fortunately, those days are over! New technologies have emerged that make it possible to automate the most repetitive processes, particularly for data extraction and

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Zennoposter – A high-performance tool that revolutionizes automation


Zennoposter is a tool dedicated to automation. Very popular across the Atlantic, this automation tool, developed by a Russian, has been making waves in France for some time. There are now numerous training courses dedicated to Zennoposter, particularly in the field of natural referencing, SEO but also content generation and domain filling in “full auto” mode. It’s difficult not to

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What is a WordPress support service?

service de support wordpress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) specialized in the creation of all types of websites (blogs, showcase sites, e-commerce, etc.). This CMS is known for being quite easy to use and has a large online support community. However, for a unique, optimized and professional result and diligent maintenance, it is recommended to call on a WordPress support service .

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Lifi: Definition and operation of this technology


Lifi (or Li-Fi), Although this very recent technology in principle is not yet very widespread, you have undoubtedly already heard about it in recent months. To summarize, Li-fi is a technology for transmitting data wirelessly and which relies on light as a transmission channel. If you are curious to know more about this technology which is likely to emerge in

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Portable batteries with solar panels, how do they work?


In the age of new technologies, it can be difficult for us to live without being connected to our mobile devices. Having to operate with a recharged battery, it is sometimes impossible for us to use them in places without electricity. Then comes the success of portable batteries with solar panels which allow us to recharge our devices wherever we

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