Telegram: Definition

Less known than Messenger or Skype, Telegram is a relatively popular secure instant messaging service. This application benefits from a better image in terms of confidentiality and cybersecurity. Its encryption program would be ahead of those of other competitors. Discover without further delay this communication tool through these few paragraphs. Be careful, you risk adopting it!

Did you say Telegram?

Written in English and without an accent, Telegram is an instant messaging application. Founded by Pavel Durov, this program is initially designed for iOS Smartphones. That said, owners of Android mobiles will also be able to benefit from it. The app currently has 500,000,000 users. Most of its customers are subscribers from competing messaging services. Often disappointed with privacy protection that leaves something to be desired.

Telegram has made better privacy its spearhead. Facing applications with billions of downloads, it provides effective protection of personal data. The functionalities aim to satisfy demanding American customers. The main use, i.e. chat, remains free on this secure instant messaging service. That said, the company is developing various monetization methods to make its activities profitable.

You should expect to see “ads” on Telegram. However, the announcements remain in the public domain. No unwanted pop-ups will burst into private chats. The principle is inspired by tweeting. Those who never want to be bothered by banners or advertising videos can also access the premium range. The business model includes an original redistribution component. Some users benefit from better visibility. This is the case for creators of unique sticker packs.

How does Telegram secure messaging work?

The way Telegram works follows almost the same principle as the instant messaging applications you already know. You can chat with other users who have installed the app on their smartphone. It is also possible to create group conversations to communicate with several people. The application allows you to make a call and send files. A few new features are in the menu, but the real difference would be a much firmer privacy policy.

Telegram’s good reputation is based on end-to-end encryption. Its protection software prevents any outside person from interfering in a private discussion. Hackers also cannot intercept conversations and attachments. It is important to know that overly curious companies, the government and especially hackers observe your messages on usual mobile applications. In any case, it would be preferable to never transmit sensitive personal data.

With its military-grade encryption system, Telegram protects calls, but also text conversations. These are mainly exchanges carried out under the “secret” functionality. That said, the app does not register any complaints regarding standard communications. These are always encrypted, but not on the entire transfer. They remain hidden from the client to the server. It requires high technical know-how to be able to recognize them.

Unlike some messaging applications, Telegram owes nothing to large communications companies. It makes maximum use of the cloud to store user messages. The photos and videos exchanged are also kept on a secure server. In other words, the owners of this content can reopen it at any time on any device connected to the Internet. Multi-support and user-friendliness are among the list of advantages of Telegram.

Is this a really reliable app?

Telegram’s level of reliability is at least the same as those of the best messaging apps. The platform remains as reliable as the others. The real advantage would be data encryption with the end-to-end method. The app publisher has freed itself from companies that are too interested in your private life. In any case, you need to activate the “secret conversation” functionality to benefit from foolproof confidentiality.

Private mode still has some restrictions.

  • The user will not be able, for example, to take a screenshot. Elsewhere, this type of support is commonly used to compromise consumer reputations.
  • It also does not have the possibility of transferring content to another user of the app.
  • The messages self-destruct like in “Inspector Gadget”. They disappear on both sides of the discussion. Users can also delete them themselves.

Fleeing current practice in the Internet world, the publisher of Telegram does not collect or seek to sell, or even analyze, personal data. Its economic model is based on the equity of its Russian founder. The latter is not liable to any bank or other crowdfunding platform. No entity has the right to veto advertisements and marketing campaigns in all their forms.

Why should you install this app?

Little thumb alongside the Internet giants, Telegram offers the same features as them. However, the platform is distinguished by its own specialties:

  • The secret chat is safe from any prying eyes. Encrypted from one user to another, it remains the ideal channel for exchanging confidential documents. You can store family photos or the safe code there. Just set the self-destruct time.
  • The message can self-destruct in a scheduled manner. It is up to the user to set the timer to allow the interlocutor to receive the content before it disappears.
  • You can determine the period during which your messages will be destroyed. Choose between a duration of 10 seconds to a week depending on the sensitivity of the information exchanged.
  • Telegram offers the deletion of all messages. In one click, you can erase all traces of potentially compromising exchanges. Those who have a mistress will rejoice!
  • Much higher than that of its main competitors, the exchangeable file size limit is 2 GB. Elsewhere, you will have difficulty sending an attachment larger than 300 MB. This content is saved in a Cloud server under high security. Personalization
  • Customization is possible on this application. As on Messenger, you can make your conversations more user-friendly by changing the overall color. Also remember to adjust the animation and the way you open the links.

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Does Telegram messaging exist for PC?

The Russian instant messaging application with headquarters in the Middle East, but a primarily American clientele, also exists in a PC version. Professionals will be able to benefit from numerous features thanks to the Desktop interface. The latter requires downloading and installation on a hard drive. For Telegram Web, simply log in from any internet browser.

The desktop versions of Telegram do not include the same features as on mobile. With Desktop for example, it is always necessary to have a Smartphone. The phone is essential to start using the PC version. It is used in particular to scan the QR code that appears when the program is launched. The user must have the app on their mobile.

For Telegram Web, connection is easy from a PC. From any browser, you must go to and follow the indicated procedure. In all cases, your account is always protected by a login and password. As of April 2021, there are 2 types of online versions. WebZ and WebK have their respective particularities.

Is Telegram suitable for mixed personal/professional use?

Messages on Telegram come from individuals and businesses. The platform thought about distinguishing the conversations. The user can organize family discussions with work discussions. It also has the possibility of creating a folder for friends and another for groups. This feature allows you to display only work contacts for those who log in to the office.

To activate dialog separation, you must go to Settings. You then access the chat folders. Two categories are there by default. There is Personal and Unread to which you can add others. If necessary, it is possible to create folders to store new discussions. You will just have to press the cat icon to move it.

You also have the power to dissolve conversations that you deem unnecessary. Besides, you can always set the self-destruct timer for missives. Dispatched files are available on mobile as well as on PC. To date, Telegram is the only instant messaging provider to classify dialogues into several registers.

Is Telegram instant messaging meeting the expected success?

Facebook’s global outage was a boon for Telegram. The latter recorded some 70 million additional users thanks to this incident. This is an increase of 14% compared to the half a billion active subscribers recorded in January 2021. Since then, business has tended to stabilize for the instant messaging platform.

The number of Telegram users thus remains stable at around 500 million. That said, the company still benefits from the mistakes that industry giants make. A peak in attendance was also recorded in January 2021. At the time, WhatsApp introduced a privacy policy that was not to the taste of its 2 billion subscribers. Concern over possible sharing of private data has scared away many customers.

At a time when all the biggest players on the web are continually under threat, Telegram remains calm. The company’s CEO says the services have always worked as he would have liked until now. The skyrocketing growth hasn’t impacted loading speed, even if customers are all logging in simultaneously. Pavel Durov prides itself on being the largest completely independent messaging platform.

How many downloads on Play Store for the Telegram application?

The Telegram app has over 1 billion downloads on Play Store. This symbolic figure was reached thanks to the outages of its main competitors WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. These are all properties of Meta. That said, it is above all the innovative features that make Telegram stand out.

The ability to use several devices simultaneously is appreciated by the target clientele. Alongside it, other messaging services appear much more restrictive. Controlling individual or collective conversations is another strong point. Many businesses are taking advantage of it.

Currently, only a few applications have crossed the symbolic milestone of one billion downloads. Many of them offer instant messaging. You will surely recognize:

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Messages
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • Uber
  • candy Crush
  • Subway Surfers

What are the main flaws of Telegram messaging?

Telegram has some flaws. Privacy seems to be compromised with the announcement of each new user. In addition, the app notifies all your contacts as soon as you land on the platform. She even takes the trouble to encourage others to welcome you. Which causes a problem for those who want to keep their connection discreet.

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German authorities believe that Telegram has exceeded its laws. Local justice wants to impose a fine on him for failing to fulfill the duty incumbent on messaging operators. In this country, platforms have an obligation to keep an eye on subscriber activities. Which remains difficult with the encryption system used by the app. The public authorities want the platform of the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov to be on the same footing as the others on this subject.

Like Facebook, TikTok and Twitter, Telegram is now in the social media club with hundreds of millions, even billions of users. This leads to pressure from governments and security agencies. Germany has asked the leaders of the UAE-based company to grant some leeway to prosecute a user. Fines can peak at 5.5 million euros.

Download Telegram


Telegram is a free, cross-platform instant messaging (chat) tool that makes your chats more secure.
It’s hard to choose among all the messaging apps available these days.
So, if you are looking for a messaging service that protects the confidentiality of your discussions and is accessible from all your devices (internet connection required), Telegram could be the one for you.

This software, available for Windows, Linux and Mac, but also for Android and iOS mobiles, allows you to chat with your contacts, share files (photos, documents and videos), and ensures the protection and confidentiality of your data thanks to an encryption function for all your exchanged messages and an option to automatically delete messages already read.
Your communications are also not stored on Telegram’s secure cloud server.
Discussions are organized in fully customizable folders.

Why use Telegram?

The main reason to download and install Telegram is to keep your messages private and prevent them from being monitored or exploited for commercial purposes.
Additionally, the program is free, fast and ad-free.

When it comes to security, Telegram doesn’t skimp: not only are conversations encrypted from start to finish, but so is the material you transfer.
It even allows you to generate ephemeral messages (secret exchanges) which will disappear as soon as they are read or after a certain time.
Your message will be destroyed…
You can even view your communications history and delete everything at any time.

Telegram is simple to set up and use.
At first, it will ask for your mobile number, which will be used to verify that you are who you say you are (by sending a code via SMS).
This is a basic security measure to help prevent someone from pretending to be you.
Then, all you have to do is add contacts, either by sending invitations to those on your smartphone, or by showing nearby Telegram users (for this you need access to your location).

Nothing could be simpler in terms of communication, just create groups from your contacts (one or more) and click on the pencil to transmit text messages or files (images, photos, videos, etc.).
To make a call, simply go to the “calls” option.

It’s important to note that the history of all your calls and texts is saved to your account and can be viewed from any of your devices (provided you’re signed in).
It is worth noting that Telegram does not disclose or resell its users’ data, so your privacy is secure.

It is a completely private instant messaging service that allows you to interact through texts, phone calls, and even video calls.
It should be noted that audio and video calls are also encrypted.
Additionally, you can send any form of media content!

When it comes to media, keep in mind that Telegram not only lets you share it with your contacts, but it also gives you useful toolkits.
You can improve the clarity of your movies by adding animated stickers, for example.
Animated stickers can also be applied to photos, which are then saved as GIFs.
In fact, you have a huge collection of GIFs and emoticons.

Telegram, in addition to guaranteeing your privacy, is a messenger with a friendly user interface that can synchronize your contacts across all your devices thanks to its cloud hosting (secure and encrypted).
Hosting your history in the cloud also saves you disk space.
The software also has a group chat feature that can support up to 200 users.

Telegram is a free program that is only accessible in French.

What’s new in the latest version of Telegram?

Telegram has media editing functions in addition to communication functions.
They received additional capabilities in the most recent version, which will delight users.

Thus, the video editing tool now allows not only to improve photos (notably clarity), but also to add animated stickers, to draw on them (with the possibility of zooming for a better result), and even to ‘add text.
You can also add animated stickers to photos or snaps, which are then converted into GIFs (and therefore reusable on social networks and other messaging apps).

The GIFs display panel has also been updated to make your searches easier; you can even choose GIFs to make them easier to locate later (they’ll appear in the recent tab).

But wait, there’s more!
Do you have a lot of conversations and exchanges?
Telegram allows you to organize them into folders so you can easily browse all your communications!

Finally, Android users will be pampered since the user interface has been improved and sending messages has become smoother.
Additionally, the video player, cache management interface and two-factor authentication have been reviewed and improved.

Telegram has released an update that allows users to move their history as part of the mass exodus from WhatsApp (read our file Telegram, Signal, Olvid…. WhatsApp’s competing messaging services have a card to play).
So, if you want to switch to Telegram while keeping your communication history from WhatsApp, Line or KakaoTalk, you can do so.
To do this, Telegram uses the conversation export function that is already present in the original applications (go to a conversation and in the menu look for the export option).

The most recent version of Telegram (end of June 2021) now supports group video calls!
You’ll be able to use Telegram for video chats with up to 30 participants per session, with screen sharing, for the first time.
More information :
Telegram now supports group video calls.

Telegram will release a new version in September 2021, which will include new display styles and interactive emojis.
However, it also has a feature that some users might appreciate: the ability to record a video call or live broadcast.

Telegram will offer a new feature to hide your phone number in October 2021.
Navigate to the app’s privacy and security settings, then to the “Phone number” area, and select the appropriate option:
Everyone can see you, your contacts can see you, you can be invisible, and so on.

What OS is compatible with Telegram?

Telegram is cross-platform, so you can download and install it on any device.

For PC users initially (desktop), you will be able to download a file to install on your computer in order to have the program, whether you are on Linux (a 64-bit version and a 32-bit version), Windows or macOS.

If you have a Mac, you can either download the file mentioned above or go to the Mac App Store version immediately.

However, Telegram can also be used on a computer without the need to download and install any software; If this appeals to you more, know that you can use the online service which opens from any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.).

The program can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices running Android (smartphones and tablets) from the Google Play Store.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you’ll find a link to the software store where you can download the app for iOS 9.0 and later, as well as WatchOS 5.0 or later.

What are the best recent alternatives to the Telegram app?

In the jungle of messaging apps and software, the majority of them include security choices, some of which are very effective, like Telegram, Signal or Wickr, and others, less so, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

When it comes to ultra-secure communications, we now have to rely on newcomers like Olvid, Skred and Threema.
These offers are even safer than Signal and Telegram.

Signal is the second option for private and encrypted texting.
It is open source and free, as well as cross-platform PC and mobile (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).
It uses its own infrastructure to ensure the highest possible information security.
End-to-end encryption is used for instant communications (chats), audio and video conversations.
Signal also allows you to send ephemeral messages, that is, communications that disappear after a certain period of time.
In addition to phone number verification, the application can be secured with a password.

Wickr Me is the free, personal version of the secure Wickr program, which is also known for its excellent security.
For instant messaging, messages are encrypted from start to finish (audio and video calls will also be encrypted soon).
Additionally, a screenshot detector is built-in, allowing you to be notified if one of your contacts takes a screenshot while watching a video.
To complete data protection, WhatsApp has a file shredder that allows you to permanently trash any deleted file using its deletion tool.

Although it is part of Facebook, WhatsApp instant messaging (chats), audio and video conversations are encrypted from start to finish.
Therefore, WhatsApp protects the information in your messages (but shares some user metadata with Facebook).
Except when you forward them, WhatsApp does not store your messages on its servers, and they are destroyed as soon as they are received.
However, if you have chosen an external cloud backup (for example, to recover your messages in case of a likely reinstallation), the security of this stored data depends solely on the storage method.
These backups are secure when done to iCloud (for iOS users), but not when done to Google Drive (for Android users).
WhatsApp can be used on both a PC (desktop) and a mobile device; your phone number will also serve as your login.

When it comes to secure chat, Facebook Messenger isn’t the first program that comes to mind.
However, you can specify end-to-end encryption of communications (no, it’s not enabled by default) and even self-destruction of messages (yes, between 5 seconds and 24 hours!).
But, let’s be honest, it’s still not the app to use if you want to protect your privacy, because Facebook has a nasty history of using your data at all costs.

telegram app
Skype is Microsoft’s versatile, cross-platform messaging service, which is also widely used by professionals (thanks to screen sharing).
It is cross-platform and packed with features.
Skype offers audio and video conversations, as well as instant messaging (chat).
But also the possibility of contacting landlines, mobile phones and sending SMS (with a subscription).
Other users can discover you using your Skype ID, name, or email address.
Conversations will be encrypted from start to finish, according to Skype.


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