Tesla protects itself against modifications Ingenext

While for a long time, Tesla was little concerned with reprogramming and modifications carried out by car preparers. The manufacturer has now put in place protection to avoid increasing the power released by its Model 3 Dual Motor. Bad news for those who were planning to entrust their Tesla to Ingenext.

Ingenext in Tesla’s crosshairs

Ingenext, a Quebec company, has recently built a solid reputation among Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor owners. It is indeed one of the rare preparers able to reprogram this model. On the program, a gain of a few horsepower, the activation of certain functions available only as options and also a new driving mode.

These modifications made to Boost 50, software published by Ingenext, are considered by Tesla to be piracy. This tool will not necessarily reprogram the computer. Depending on the case, the preparer will integrate a component intended to deceive the system. This modification costs 1,433 dollars or approximately 1,200 euros. In fact, Tesla offers a similar service billed for 2,000 euros. However, the settings are made directly on the proprietary interface of the Model 3 Dual Motor. Sooner or later, Tesla had to take steps to put an end to this practice.

An intrusive message to prevent reprogramming

In response to the recalibrations carried out by Ingenext, Tesla recently updated its Model 3 Dual Motor. Thanks to this, the interface of the famous electric car will display an unwanted message if modifications have been made. This will warn the owner about the reliability of the car. The manufacturer will specify in particular that the modifications may cause a sudden stop or cause damage to the mechanics.

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In the future, tuners will no longer be able to improve Teslas. News that will sadden both these professionals and all those who suspect decisions in favor of planned obsolescence. However, the manufacturer should choose an approved tuner in a few years to release a line of cars with sportier behavior.