L'acteur derrière le Master Chief dans la série Halo assure que la deuxième saison de la série sera meilleure à tous égards

The actor behind Master Chief in the Halo series assures that the second season of the series will be better in every way

There are very few weeks left for the series of Halo returns in style with its second season. Even though the first one didn’t have a huge impact (mainly because it was released on a platform not available in many countries around the world), reviews have been positive and audiences are eager to know more about the story of the Master Chief.

Well, it looks like this second season will be vastly superior to the first. This was commented by Pablo Schreiber, who plays Master Chief in the series. Halo , at SFX magazine. According to the Canadian-American actor, the improvement will be substantial and he even bet on his reputation that the public would think the same thing.

“It’s darker, more dangerous, all the action sequences and stunts put you right into the battle and the fighting. For me, it’s a much more effective way to approach the series. I think David Wiener, the new showrunner of “Halo”, is a darker and more dangerous film. gifted writer, to be honest. I think his dialogue is better. He puts words into his mouth that seem more appropriate to the character.

“There’s no doubt that the second season is much stronger than the first. I put my reputation on it. It’s absolutely improved. The art director who came on board, James Foster, is fantastic. He’s created a visual world that makes a “It’s magnificent, incredibly cinematic. And the dialogues are better. It’s just a better season.”

Schreiber explains that Primordial has placed much more emphasis on adaptation and has improved in every way, from the organization of the world and the universe to the photographic aspect, where we expect large shots and sequences of Endless action and full of violence.

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The change compared to the first season is so great that even one of its producers assured in this same interview that a sort of “soft reboot” had been carried out, since they wanted to restore a world and, from there, begin a story that aims high. The second season of Halo It will premiere on February 8, 2024 on Paramount+ in the United States and Sky Showtime in Spain.