The best direct download sites

Gone are the days when you had to subscribe to the local video club to see the best films and series of the moment. From now on, the Internet invites you to find your favorite feature films and series. Whether via legal platforms or free download sites, you have complete media libraries just a click away. Among the best-known addresses, you have Download zone. This web portal invites you to see the best of cinema or the small screen on your computer. If the idea appeals to you, read on.

An address to download films and series for free

As its name unambiguously indicates, Download Zone is a platform that offers to save films, series, or audio content. It is also a recognized address for cartoons and music videos. In concrete terms, it is a directory of links for direct and 100% free downloading (DDL). Its creation dates back to 2010. Since its launch, it has enjoyed palpable popularity in France and elsewhere. This site is ahead of the others by offering ease. Its immense video library allows you to find 90% of the latest releases in the seventh art, but also TV films and current hits. This DDL specialist makes conventional providers such as Megaupload and Emule (Peer to Peer) tremble.

Operating illegally, Zone Téléchargement disappeared from the Web on November 28, 2016. A team from the national gendarmerie seized its equipment, in this case the servers. The day after this raid by the police, the site resurfaced, but its entire catalog had disappeared. We had to wait until 2020 to find the platform as it always was in the past. This time, it reappears under the domain name Download Zone — Directory Zone (zt-ta). Links to save movies and music directly to your PC are available. Access to this video library remains completely free. You can download an entire album or seasons of a series without putting your hand in your pocket.

Be aware, however, that Download Zone is the target of multiple clonings. Malicious individuals offer eponymous sites in order to lure Internet users. The publishers of these subterfuges extract personal data. They also sometimes commit extortion. To avoid falling into the trap, make sure it is the right platform. This does not require you to fill out a form. Those responsible for Zone Téléchargement have always managed to maintain its activities without requesting the slightest payment.

A site that often changes its domain name

Victim of multiple clonings, Zone Téléchargement had to change its domain name several times. The last modification took place in August 2020. Since this date, you can find your favorite films on this link:

Pay special attention to the URL if you take another route to search for it. Indeed, the clones have almost the same name except for one or two letters. Make sure you are at the correct address before you start downloading. As such, this free download is illegal. For good reason, the cinematographic or musical works offered are protected by copyright. Download Zone-Directory Zone goes beyond these intellectual property laws. To this day, the identity of its publisher remains a mystery. In 2016, investigations revealed that three people from the same family were behind this initiative. It is impossible to know whether they continued or delegated the mission to other officials.

Regardless, this platform is one of the “best tips” in terms of video that every Internet user should know. Zone-Téléchargement-Officiel is among the most widely shared advice on the Web. In short, you risk missing out on a hundred free links that allow you to save excellent films. In addition, the site offers online viewing. Streaming is even a service appreciated by visitors. That said, video games are not left out. The platform also deploys an entire game library. It includes titles intended for home consoles, but also entertainment for PC and Mac.

Download Zone brings together an entire community. His fans meet on a discussion forum. These users exchange tips as well as film reviews of all kinds. Novices will be able to get answers to all their questions. Help from other users is not long in coming. Most of the problems related to downloading have been mentioned. Simply consult them to find solutions to various technical problems. A simple registration allows you to take part in the various debates. The subject of clones is broached. Internet users have discovered some copies of the site which offer appreciable services. These are in particular: And

Free downloading remains as easy and anonymous

Nowadays remains the official address of Zone Téléchargement. You must click on this link to access the platform. The portal opens with the main browsers. The connection can be made from a Smartphone, tablet or PC. That said, domain name changes are done quite often for this site. This is one of the ways to escape repression. As a reminder, this is always an informal activity that competitors take a dim view of. If you want to stay legal, you will have to visit Please note, however, that this address redirects to distributors such as Amazon or iTunes.

According to Torrent Freak’s analysis, illegal downloading has seen a notable deceleration since 2020. This is partly explained by the measures taken by Google. The search engine has made significant updates to its algorithms. Therefore, content that violates copyright is banned. The platforms that offer them are excluded from the results pages displayed. The survival of these sites then depends on exchanges between Internet users. You need to know the exact URL to access a streaming or download portal.

Downloading protected content is prohibited by law in many countries. This is the reason why some users prefer to use a VPN. This private browsing tunnel keeps complete privacy. It allows you to fake company to the authorities by providing a fictitious IP address. Which also helps you remain absolutely anonymous. In any case, illegal downloads remain out of control. The administration is looking for a way to stop it, in vain. During this time, continues to expand its entertainment catalog to the delight of Internet users. The site even has exclusivity on certain content that legal distributors do not yet have in their repertoire.

Different types of offers deployed by the site

  • Organized into several sections, Download Zone offers various types of content. The different pages of the site are accessible from any connected device and via all browsers, in this case Google Chrome. After verifying that you are not a robot, the platform rolls out the red carpet for you. The reception includes a search engine. You have to enter the title you want to see. However, you can also take inspiration from the proposals displayed on the first page. These are the latest movies added as well as the exclusives. You can opt for Blue-ray for an unforgettable movie night.
  • Music download zone is one of the flagship services of This section provides links to listen to or record hundreds of titles on your device. It includes a search engine that helps you quickly find the album or song you need. The song can be downloaded directly. Certain musical genres, notably current hits, are absent from the site. You will still have to be patient to find Wejden’s latest title!
  • Downloading movies from ZT-ZA is still child’s play. In addition, new releases from the seventh art are available on the home page. The poster includes the official jacket, the release date in dark rooms as well as the genre. Then, the rating given by the users is expressed in number of stars. “Godzilla Vs Kong”, an action adventure screened since the beginning of 2021, for example obtained 3.7. For its part, the animated “Rhaya-The last Dragon” was awarded 4.0 by the public.
  • Streaming is a trademark for the site. The platform specifies that it does not host any content to remain legal. The user is therefore redirected to another source from the link he chose in the catalog. To see your films, series or cartoons without waiting, consult:
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A practice crowned with success among Internet users

What claims to be the leader of download sites in France has indeed achieved a certain popularity among a wide audience. Its editors have developed an entire process to allow Internet users to view or save the content they are looking for in complete security. They go through, a mandatory intermediate zone before reaching the catalog. The path leads to a multitude of films, games, anime as well as series, etc. Zone Téléchargement uses the service of distant hosts in whom publishers place their trust. In any case, the strategy implemented makes it possible to transfer large files in a short time.

The success of ZT-ZA is also based on the ease of downloading entertainment content. The user does not have to register or give their identity. In a few clicks, it can access an entire library of links for immediate download. 9 out of 10 new products are available on this platform which absolutely wants to stay at the top of its sector. It does not require you to install additional software or plug-in programs to your browser. Some sites do this and take advantage of it to slip in applications to spy on you, or even block your computer. This is one more reason to be extra vigilant when it comes to free download addresses.

What to do if download area is blocked

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block Download Zone. Fortunately, it is possible to get around this obstacle.

  • There is the use of VPN. It is a private browsing tunnel that maintains total discretion over the sites you visit. This tool allows you to change your IP address and locate it in a country where downloading is not yet reprimanded. Internet users choose Indonesia in particular.
  • Using web proxies is another option. Service providers offer this service free of charge or against payment of a small fee. Which allows you to pass over any filter. In addition, this method increases the security of your browsing.
  • Another issue is changing DNS (Domain Name System). The handling remains quite simple on Windows 10. Go to the network and sharing center section, then select the “Use the following DNS server address” command. Enter: (cloudflare) or (google DNS).

As with many free download sites, does not offer content directly on the platform. The films and series are located on a specialized host or a third-party address. These databases allow you to download a large file in a short time. Among the best known are 1Fichier and RapidGator. These service providers help you if the conditions are met. Settings such as low Internet speed, or viewing of advertising as well as limiting the number of daily downloads may be imposed. A paid subscription saves you from all these restrictions.

Choosing the Right Method to Download Files

3 main download methods exist.

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) is based on mutual assistance. Indeed, users share the links to allow others to benefit from them. The practice is also based on Torrent. However, she remains under close surveillance by the HADOPI repression commission. The latter may impose sanctions in the event of downloading of protected content being noted. She starts by sending a warning email. Then, the blocking of the broadband connection follows. Using a VPN is the best option to bypass this authority.
  • Newsgroups to dethrone the P2P method. The operation of these clusters remains quite simple. Files are stored on servers accessible to members. Interested parties must pay a subscription to be able to download. Content is delivered in fragments. You have to use special software to bring them together and form a whole. This approach has the merit of being secure in addition to bypassing filters. On the other hand, it is almost forgotten because of direct download.
  • Direct downloading or DDL has the advantage of being both fast and secure. The content is stored on hosts located abroad. The download is carried out immediately and without risk of repression. For good reason, it goes beyond the jurisdiction of the HADOPI commission. Service providers outside French territory offer the advantage of not limiting the loading speed. Consider Uptobox to take full advantage of this tip. Also try investing in a good VPN to protect yourself from a possible cyberattack.
  • is an alternative to download. This is the recommended method for those who do not want to take up space in their storage space. It avoids waiting for the download. This is an illegal trick like so many others. For those who have a mood, you will need to subscribe to Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon prime video.

Alternatives to the download platform

Download Zone has several competitors. You should try them so you can compare all the offers and make an informed choice. : Liberty Land suggests the most popular streaming content. It also offers free downloads of various categories. You have several alternatives for viewing, including Vk, Youwatch, Exashare, Putlocker. To download, you should go to file hosts such as uptobox, 1fichier, or uploaded. Extreme Down is a recommended address for finding feature films and series in high definition (HD). Internet users recommend this URL for mangas and documentaries. The home page gives an idea of ​​the latest news from the video library. or Wawacity is a direct download platform that offers e-books in addition to films and series. Which earns it the status of best provider in the field of free downloads. Content is classified by genre to make it easier for users. aka eMuld-Island is a relatively new address that is getting a lot of attention. This is a recommended site for those looking for adult videos. However, other categories for a wide audience are also deployed.

Legal download sites, but paying

Download Zone is probably a name to remember, but be aware that other choices exist. For those who prefer to have fun without breaking the law, various addresses are available. These platforms require a relatively affordable monthly subscription to offer a wide range of entertainment.

  • Netflix remains the best known of the conventional content providers. It has millions of customers around the world. You have the choice between watching the film you want directly or downloading it for later. For the sum of €7.99 per month, the entire video library is open to you. In addition, Netflix offers productions financed by the house. These achievements make it possible to vary the offers. In any case, this site is recommended for watching documentaries, classic films as well as the best Science Fiction.
  • Google Play Films deploys the same services as Netflix. Larry Page’s team invites you to discover the latest cinema releases or anthology series for a few euros per month. It is the most suitable choice for families who have an Android Smart TV type television set.
  • Disney+ offers streaming from €6.99. It is also possible to save feature films or series on your hard drive. You can then view them offline. This platform suggests the entire video library of studios belonging to the same group. You can see Disney (entertainment), Marvel (superheroes), Pixar (animated) or Stars Wars productions.