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The best games of 2024 for Nintendo Switch

This 2024 marks the seventh anniversary of Nintendo Switch It’s been put on sale and Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to slow down. The year 2023 has been full of amazing releases and the months to come will not be short at all. The big N has several exclusive titles already announced, which will also be joined by another good number of third parties.

So that you don’t miss anything, we have prepared a list of the best games of 2024 for Nintendo Switch. There you will find the dates and prices of each of them, although as the year goes on we will expand the list with the new features presented.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The list begins in style with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, a promising metroidvania that invites us to travel through Persian mythology in a 2D action adventure, capable of manipulating the limits of space and time, which in turn are also used to unleash deadly combos against enemies and final bosses.

Another code: memory

Towards the saga Another code returns in the best possible way with this wonderful compilation entitled Another code: memory . It includes titles originally released on Nintendo DS and Wii with updated graphics, 3D settings, new voice acting, puzzles and other surprises for fans of investigative adventures.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Apollo Justice

Continuing with other game collections, we have Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. In this trilogy, you will have to accompany the rookie lawyer Apollo Justice and his mentor, Phoenix Wright, as they both solve numerous court cases over a total of 14 episodes, as well as two additional episodes that were initially only available as DLC. .

Tomb Raider I-III remastered

Tomb Raider remastered

Another of the compilations that we will see this year will be Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. As the name suggests, it includes the three original Lara Croft adventures with their expansions, secret levels and more, completely remastered with high definition graphics.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

This year we will see the return of a multitude of video games in the form of remastering and one of them will be Mario vs. Donkey Kong . The first game in the series that debuted on Game Boy Advance returns with new graphics and game modes through countless levels that will have us racking our brains to solve all its puzzles.

Princess Peach: Showtime!

Princess Peach

Finally, Princess Peach will have the chance to prove that she doesn’t need to be constantly rescued. This will lead him to take on his own adventure with Princess Peach: Showtime!, in which he will fight against the evil Grape and the Malaúva Company by obtaining powers that will allow him to disguise himself as a swordsman, ninja, detective, etc. .

Chronicles of Eiyuden: One Hundred Heroes


After sweeping Kickstarter, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will invite us to enjoy an excellent JRPG set in the kingdom of Allraan, with the possibility of playing with more than 100 fully playable characters to save a world ravaged by war.

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Braid Anniversary Edition


After so many years without showing signs of life, Braid Anniversary Edition will finally arrive with this remastering, keeping intact the puzzles and mechanics that made this great adventure so special in which we can control time in our favor to advance.

Lana’s Planet

Lana's Planet

Lana’s Fantastic Planet is going multiplatform this year. A dialogue-free adventure set in a colorful world where humans and nature once coexisted peacefully until overrun by an army of robotic machines. The young protagonist, with the help of a small creature, will try to find a way to protect her home while solving puzzles with her own challenges.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Luigi Mansion 2

Mario isn’t the only one who can play in video games, as Luigi has demonstrated on several occasions. This year, he does it again with Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, an updated version of the second part of the series published on Nintendo 3DS with improved graphics. Once again the plumber will take advantage of the Succionaentes to capture ghosts while exploring the sinister Valley of Shadow.

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends story

Band Speech

The League of Legends universe has expanded with several games of all kinds and one of those we will see this year will be Band Speech , from the people behind Graveyard Keeper. A crafting RPG in which you will have to restore certain portals with the help of allies before the city is plunged into chaos.

Contra: Operation Galuga


A game that will take us back to the 80s will be Contra: Operation Galuga a new version of the great arcade classic in which you will have to shoot all the enemies in 2D levels with new scenarios, enemies, mechanics and multiplayer for four people.

Inazuma Eleven: Road to Victory

Inazuma Eleven

The ball will roll again this year with the launch of Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road, the new game in the series in which we will have to form the best football team to win the Nagumohara High School championship. With different play styles available, everyone can choose the style they prefer in one of the different game modes, including one that will bring back all of the more than 4,500 existing characters.

Little Nightmares III

Little nightmares 3

The first two parts of the saga developed by Supermassive Games completely captivated us, something that we will try to repeat once again with Little Nightmares III. This time it will be time to help Low and Alone so they can escape from La Nada while facing childhood fears, whether playing alone or cooperatively with its multiplayer.

Metal Slug Tactics

Metal slug

Although all Metal Slug games have always been characterized by their exaggerated difficulty in which we do not stop shooting, in Metal Slug Tactics the gameplay will be a little slower, since here we will participate in strategic turn-based battles.

Paper Mario: The Ancient Door

Paper Mario

Of all video games Paper Mario There is one that stands out above the rest and that is Paper Mario: The Millennial Door. The masterful GameCube RPG returns with enhanced graphics and an epic adventure full of combat, hilarious dialogue, and a diverse group of paper characters.

Visions of Mana

Visions of Mana

RPG fans have an appointment this year with Visions of Mana , the first video game in the last 15 years of the famous Square Enix franchise. A group of heroes will travel through a fantasy world joining forces with elemental spirits to protect the mana tree.