Logitech Mx Master 3

The best mouse of [month] [year]: comparison of the 10 best computer mice

It doesn’t matter whether you work on a laptop or desktop computer, the best mouse will make your life easier.
Whether you’re a content producer, high-level gamer, or professional, a high-quality mouse will make your work easier and more enjoyable.

While standard mice can accomplish the bare minimum required, it’s hard to go back to anything else after experiencing the best mouse available.
A standard mouse will not compare to the comfort, precision and reliability of a high-end mouse in your computing or gaming life.

If you spend long periods of time in front of your computer, your mouse needs to be able to keep up.
You need a mouse that won’t hurt your hand, wrist, or shoulder to work your best, so opt for an ergonomic model if you can.
A gaming mouse can be a worthwhile investment for laptop and desktop gamers.

You need the best mouse whether you’re gaming on a laptop or trying to work or edit videos on a desktop.
To help you buy the best mouse possible without breaking the bank, we’ve put together a list of our recommended products.

What to look for in the best mouse

Rather than being an inconspicuous object, the mouse should feel natural in your hand and arm.
You need a mouse that responds as quickly as you can move and click.
An ergonomically designed mouse can help people who spend long periods of time in front of a computer avoid developing hand, wrist, and shoulder pain.

A Bluetooth wireless mouse is an option for those who prefer to avoid cluttering their workspace with extra wires.
However, there are few things more unpleasant than a mouse that won’t connect, so it’s important to choose one with a reliable signal and little dropout.
Battery life is also crucial.

The best mouse may include customizable buttons in addition to the standard two buttons and scroll wheel.
If you use your left hand more than your right hand, you need to get a mouse that can be used comfortably with both hands.
If you frequently travel with your laptop and need to use a mouse, you should look for one that is both compact and lightweight.
You should prioritize looking for a mouse that is not too expensive while still meeting your needs.

logitech mx master mouse
1. Logitech MX Master 3

The best mouse for creatives

DPI : 4,000
Interface : Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless
Buttons :7
Ergonomic : Right-handed
Features : up to 70 days of battery life, USB-C charging, compatibility with Logitech Flow, application-specific customizations.

What was great about the original Logitech MX Master 2S is even better in the new, updated model.
This wireless mouse may be the best option if you spend a lot of time working on your computer, creatively and productively.
Whether your work involves lots of browser tabs and apps or image editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom, the Logitech MX Master 3 will help streamline your workflow.
Its price is a bit high, but it is worth it because of all the benefits it offers, such as 70 days of battery life on a single charge, Bluetooth support for three devices, MagSpeed ​​Smartshift wheel and the follow-up Darkfield.
Additionally, the Logitech MX Master 3 is five times more precise than a regular mouse.

razer pro click

2. Razer Pro Click

The best premium mouse

DPI : 16,000
Interface : Bluetooth
Buttons : 8
Ergonomic : Right-handed
Features : multi-host connectivity for up to 4 devices, 8 independently programmable buttons, advanced 5G optical sensor

When you can have a beautiful, feature-rich, highly functional productivity mouse, there’s no reason to settle for less.
This mouse is for you if macros are your bread and butter; Whether you rely heavily on video editors or graphic design, the 8 mouse buttons are fully customizable to your needs.
Because Razer knows you’re a multitasking machine using multiple devices at once, it equips the mouse with an incredible 16,000 DPI for the smoothest and fastest experience possible and includes multi-host connectivity.

This mouse is perfect for the modern professional or artist because of its beautiful, clean white-on-gray look, reflecting your own sense of style.

microsoft modern mobile mouse

3. Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse

The best mouse for Windows users

DPI : not available
Interface : Bluetooth
Buttons :4
Ergonomic : Ambidextrous
Features : Microsoft BlueTrack technology, up to 33 feet range, battery level reporting.

Microsoft has updated its Mobile Mouse and given it a modern refresh – hence the name. It sure looks like it, with a rounded rectangular look, a lower, slimmer profile, lighter weight, and an ambidextrous frame. But that’s not all. It also features Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, which lets you avoid mousepads (opens in a new tab), as well as Bluetooth connectivity, which has a range of up to 10 meters. To match the aesthetic of your existing hardware, it is also available in eight different shades. And the best? It costs less than 50 euros.

logitech mx anywhere 3

4. Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Best portable mouse

DPI: 200 – 4,000
Interface : USB receiver, Bluetooth
Buttons : 6
Ergonomic : Right-handed
Features : battery life up to 70 days, USB-C charging, silicone side handles, MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic scrolling

If you’re a digital creative who values ​​efficiency, this successor to Logitech’s MX Anywhere Mouse is a great point-and-click companion, no matter the size of your workspace.
This wireless mouse is not only lightweight and easy to carry; it also comes with many useful features that will improve your productivity, such as the ability to connect to three devices at once (laptop, tablet and phone) with the press of a single button, the creation of profiles and buttons adapted to individual applications and use of these devices for up to seventy days straight without charging.
Some might be reluctant to spend more than $50 on such a small device, and others might want to buy a dedicated mouse pad, but I assure you it’s worth the investment.
It is available in three colors to choose from to blend in perfectly with your decor.

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microsoft bluetooth ergonomic mouse

5. Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

Best ergonomic mouse

DPI : not available
Interface : Bluetooth
Buttons :5
Ergonomic : Right-handed
Features : up to 30 feet range, multi-device connectivity, battery life up to 15 months

The price of an ergonomic mouse is not necessarily higher than that of a standard mouse.
Microsoft’s Bluetooth ergonomic mouse is proof of this.
This Bluetooth mouse not only has a good grip, an ergonomic design and a light weight.
It can connect to three devices at once and its battery lasts 15 months. It also has two customizable buttons.

Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball

6. Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball

The best Trackball mouse

DPI : until 2000
Interface : USB receiver, Bluetooth
Buttons :5
Ergonomic : Right-handed
Features : up to 2 years of battery life, made with certified post-consumer recycled plastic.

Let your thumb take the wheel for once and take some pressure off your wrist.
Smooth and responsive, the thumb control of the Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball lets you rest your wrists and arms while using the trackball.
The ergonomic design of the wrist rest further improves user comfort by minimizing strain on the hands and arms.
The fact that it lasts about 24 months on a single charge makes up for the fact that it cannot be recharged.

apple magic mouse 2

7. Apple Magic Mouse 2

As always, Apple thinks differently

DPI : 1300
Interface : Bluetooth
Buttons : 0
Ergonomic : Ambidextrous
Features : Multi-touch

When Apple isn’t busy making very expensive phones and even more expensive computers like the new 2019 Mac Pro, it’s hard at work developing one of the strangest and most expensive mice ever. most effective we’ve ever gotten our hands on.

If you find yourself doing a double take when looking at the specs, because there are no buttons on the Magic Mouse 2. This mouse is entirely gesture controlled, giving it all the benefits of a trackpad, as well as a mouse.

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

8. Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Best vertical mouse

DPI : 1000
Interface :USB
Buttons :5
Ergonomic : Vertical
Features : No

Don’t be fooled by its unusual appearance or its clunky, albeit catchy, name.
Once you get your hands on the Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, you won’t be able to imagine using any other mouse.
The moment you pick this mouse up, you’ll know it’s the best option available.
It’s not as well made as other ergonomic mice, but it gets the job done.
But consider this: It’s a cheap insurance policy against repetitive strain injuries.

razer viper 8k

9. Razer Viper 8K

Best wired gaming mouse

DPI : 20,000
Interface : 2.4GHz dongle and Bluetooth
Buttons : 8
Ergonomic : Ambidextrous
Features : Razer Focus+ optical sensor, HyperPolling technology

Fast-paced competitive gaming requires a gaming mouse that can keep up, and for that, you should take a look at the Razer Viper 8K. It is one of the fastest and most responsive gaming mice on the market, thanks to its 8000 Hz polling rate and <0.125 ms click latency. It also inherited the impressive build of the Razer Viper line as well as the ambidextrous design of some of its models. You'll need a fast screen to take full advantage of the Viper 8K, but if you need the most responsive mouse possible, this is the best one for you. Razer Basilisk

10. Razer Basilisk

Best wireless gaming mouse

DPI : up to 16,000
Interface : 2.4GHz dongle and Bluetooth
Buttons : 6
Ergonomic : Right-handed
Features : up to 450 hours of battery life, dual 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, Razer 5G Advanced optical sensor

The Razer Basilisk
However, unlike their wired counterparts, wireless gaming mice must meet a few more criteria to be considered great. These criteria include long battery life, low cost and stable communication.
This Razer accessory meets these criteria admirably.
For example, a single AA battery can power this gaming mouse for 450 hours of operation.
And while it’s not the most economical choice, it’s completely reasonable for any player who takes their hobby seriously.

How we test mice

It may just be peripherals, but we take our mouse testing seriously. After all, a computer is only as good as its peripherals, and if you’re using a low-quality mouse, your experience will never be as smooth.

We therefore thoroughly test all the mice that land on our desk, from their performance to their ergonomics and their features. First, we look at its design, not just how it looks and how easy it is to use or set up, but also how comfortable it feels in our hands – whether it’s too heavy, too light or just right, whether it glides easily on most surfaces and for which grip styles it is ideal.

Then we test its performance, including its speed, accuracy and reliability, using it in our daily tasks and in games, especially if it is a gaming mouse. We also check its buttons and its scroll wheels to see if they are easy and comfortable to use. If you’ve used a cheap mouse all your life, you’ll definitely notice the difference between this mouse and a great mouse. And that’s what we’re looking for here, whether it’s a productivity or gaming mouse, a wired or wireless mouse. If it’s wireless, however, we also test its connectivity, range, and battery life.

Naturally, if a mouse has special features like customizable weight, programmable buttons, or RGB lighting, we also check those out to see how good and useful they are. Ultimately, we take all the elements into account and compare them to the price to see if the mouse is good value for our readers before making our recommendation.