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The best online spell checkers

There is nothing more unpleasant than receiving comments about spelling mistakes. Linguistic typos and blunders can even destroy the meaning of what you have to say. Fortunately, applications can identify and then correct human errors. The following proofreaders can help you make your essays more successful.

Before talking about spelling checkers

It would be wise to remember that inattention and linguistic errors are common. Everyone does it, so there’s nothing wrong with systematically running your essays through an online proofreader. Whether for an educational assignment or professional work, a flawless text brings credibility. Whatever the sector of activity, every company has an interest in paying attention to the quality of its press releases.

Verification is particularly recommended for content that is going to be published. An e-retailer who takes the trouble to write with respect for grammatical rules will see that his efforts will pay off. In any case, a well-crafted product description inspires confidence. Scammers who lure with emails are often given away by spelling mistakes. It should also be remembered that mastery of a language weighs in SEO. This is one of the many criteria applied by Google for indexing a web page.

LanguageTool, an integrated correction tool


Browsers and word processing software often offer a built-in proofreader. Available as an extension, LanguageTool adapts to Google Chrome and Microsoft Word. If it is not yet configured, installation remains very simple. In addition, this tool has the advantage of being easy to use. LanguageTool identifies mistakes, but not only that. Based on artificial intelligence, it analyzes the structure of each sentence and suggests an improvement. It is a recommended tool for writing typo-free emails on Gmail or Thunderbird.

The extension integrates around thirty languages, including English, Spanish and German. According to its publisher, 150 companies of all sizes use it regularly to check their own writing. The tool made it possible to correct, but also improve, some 20 million texts per day. LanguageTool can be plugged into Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari and Opera browsers. It is also compatible with Microsoft Word, LIbreOffice, Google Docs, as well as OpenOffice. Please note that this application is free for up to 10,000 characters per text. Above, the subscription is €4.99 per month.

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Antidote, the reference in correction

antidote spell checker

Well known to professional writers and doctoral students, Antidote offers correction of French and English. Its dictionary of 133,000 words and 16,000 proper nouns makes it an excellent tool for reinforcing synonymy. It’s even richer than some online dictionaries. The application underlines the mistakes and gives the correct answer after analyzing the entire sentence. It checks grammar, the fluidity of syntax, but also warns about word repetitions. A section even corrects the style and provides suggestions to enrich the vocabulary.

Antidote has a guide to improve your spelling level. The tool is available in several formats. The web version integrates with a browser. Currently in its 11th edition, the software takes the form of an extension to add to office suites like Word or PowerPoint. The mobile version is offered so that comments on social networks no longer contain mistakes. Regardless, this software still requires payment. The PC Windows and Mac version is sold at €119. For the Web and on Smartphone, the subscription varies from €59 to €99 per year, depending on the number of users.

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Scribens, a more than complete online proofreader


With 4 million regular users, Scribens no longer needs to be introduced to Internet users. The online proofreader checks spelling, but also helps with grammar. Publishers emphasize security. Thanks to well-protected servers, the content pasted on the correction page remains hidden from any prying eyes. Moreover, they are instantly erased after use. The verification is free if the text is less than 1000 words. You have to pay a subscription of €4.16 to €9.90 for the Premium version which extends the limitation to 200,000 characters.

Scribens is a platform compatible with all web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edget and Safari. Downloadable software can also be used with native MacOS and Windows office suites. Fans of alternative office solutions LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Google Docs and Office 365 will also be able to benefit from it. Then, Smartphone users are not left out with a version for Android. They all detect mistakes and suggest better reformulation. Statistics are drawn up to see the subscriber’s progress in spelling.

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Reverso, the spelling and translation tool

reverso spell checker

Long before the arrival of Google Translate, the Reverso platform became known for translation. In addition to this service, she suggests correcting spelling. The free version allows you to enter a text of 450 characters. Above this number, you will have to switch to paid mode. The monthly subscription starts at €5. This promotional rate is aimed at users signing an annual commitment.

In premium, Reverso allows you to check texts of 2000 characters. This is little compared to the competition, but there are suggestions for reformulation. The tool reworks the syntax so that sentences are better structured and fluid. The detailed explanations prevent you from making the same mistakes. The other advantage of the subscription would be the total absence of ads. On the free edition, you have to tolerate a certain number of advertisements. Not many Internet users know it, but Reverso offers an extension for web browsers.

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Bon Patron: essential to finally write correctly

good boss

Equipped with a simplified interface, Bon Patron suggests a quality correction. The editor advocates respecting grammatical and spelling rules for an aesthetic presentation of the site. Its aging home page offers reasoned explanations of mistakes and proposed reformulations. This corrector is one of the rare ones to devote an entire section to conjugation. The entry of a verb gives right to all the forms it can take. Added to this are common traps as well as interactive exercises. There is a mobile version of this multilingual proofreader.

Bon Patron targets users with a low level of French or who do not speak it on a daily basis. The site summarizes the lessons through a grammar guide. Which makes it an educational tool par excellence. He returns in particular to the basics of the language of Molière. The user will be entitled to lessons on nouns, numbers, conjunctions, prepositions, and many other specificities. The free version of Le Bon Patron is limited to 500 words. You will have to pay a monthly fee of €11.99 to benefit from all the features, including a dictionary.

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Cordial, for those whose spelling is important to them

cordial corrector

With a quarter of a century of existence, the Cordial corrector stands out from the others by its seriousness. The language level is quite high for this SaaS-type online tool. He is working with Microsoft to develop artificial intelligence focused on spelling. Based on machine learning, the algorithm improves over time. It learns and updates grammatical rules perpetually.

The Cordial editor attaches importance to user feedback. It offers a free version of the platform with a limitation of 1000 words. In paid mode, you must purchase the software worth €119, then pay the fees for the various updates. Training and support are offered after each installation.

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Spellboy, a 100% free alternative


Those who don’t want to pay for a spell checker can rely on Spellboy. Rather basic, this tool is faithful to the spirit of open source applications. Published by a German who wanted to counter paid proofreaders, it has been free since its creation in 2007. This person has succeeded in his bet since 8 million users have already adopted Spellboy. The interface is close to that of LanguageTool, but with some improvements.

The artificial intelligence integrated into this spelling tool continues its own path. In continuous learning, it has become more “common” than known web browser extensions. Indeed, Spellboy can correct French and 6 other languages. It is commonly used with German, Portuguese and English speakers. Everyone benefits from it being free.

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Our opinion on spelling checkers

With the exception of SpellBoy, the correctors mentioned in this article are all paid. You have to pay a certain amount to really benefit from it. That said, the service provided is well worth a subscription of 4 to 10 euros per month or the price of software worth €120. LanguageTool is a separate choice. It stands out for its free integrations, even if the quality still leaves something to be desired compared to Cordial or Antidote. In short, everyone will decide based on what they want to correct and the budget they are willing to spend.