meilleurs sites de streaming

The best sites to watch streaming movies for free

If you want to watch films other than on television and without going to the cinema, know that the Internet is full of the entertainment you need. We have selected around ten websites to watch recent feature films or the great classics completely free. Without further ado, here are the free access alternatives to Netflix, OCS and Amazon Prime Video., the address for easy and free streaming

Https:// is a most complete streaming site. Its catalog mainly consists of films in the original version, that is to say in English. The feature films offered are classified into different categories. In the Suggestion section, you have “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Jurrassic World Dominion” or “Morbius”. Most content is in high definition. For each title, the publisher takes the trouble to tell you the cinematic genre, synopsis, duration and nationality.

YouTube, the essential

With 17 years of experience in video sharing, YouTube is a social network. It is entirely possible to access clips, animated videos or sequences filmed by individuals without creating an account. This platform, owned by Google since 2006, deploys billions of hours of streaming. Some of the contents are recent films. The quality isn’t always up to par, but with a little luck you’ll find full-length feature films in HD. You can watch entertainment on from any media, especially with a mobile device.

Wiflix, an illicit alter ego of Netflix

Https:// is one of the most popular URLs in 2022. This platform echoes Netflix, the most popular paid SVOD of the moment. The free video-on-demand site Wiflix has the advantage of offering recent films. Indeed, the official posting online by the studios can sometimes be done after years or never. By connecting to Wiflix, you can watch cinematographic works still showing in dark rooms. This type of activity is of course illegal, but the repression mainly affects the publisher. The latter is forced to change his domain name regularly.

Vimeo, the address that honors auteur cinema

Auteur cinema is an alternative to classic productions which mainly aim for a commercial spin-off. Most of the time, it is the work of an independent director. The filming budget, like post-production, remains limited, but the result is sometimes surprising. Creativity replaces digital special effects. Vimeo, which you will find at, devotes its catalog to arthouse cinema and small studios. The platform donates a good portion of advertising revenue to these creatives who fight to preserve their identity and their art., a Franco-German initiative in favor of the 7th art

The Arte television channel and its high added value reports no longer need to be presented. On the other hand, the general public is not yet aware of its section dedicated to cinema. The streaming site does not offer blockbusters, but suggests expanding the horizon with new creations. There are arthouse films, documentaries and short films. In addition to rising stars of the 7th art, directors such as Kieślowski, Steven Soderbergh and Gaspard Noé are among those who accept the distribution of their works on the platform. Which gives a choice of a few dozen free films.

Plex to view content without downloading anything

Presented by Google as a multimedia player available since 2008, Plex invites you to discover its movie catalog made up of 50,000 titles. The publisher offers this content completely free and without any registration. The richness of the media library is the strength of this platform. It is organized into different thematic channels. is a legally constituted site, but it sometimes goes beyond the Arcom law which governs the use of registered cinematographic works. Either way, the link Https:// opens on your Windows, Linux, Android and iOS device.

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FrenchStream: the free and illegal French streaming giant

FrenchStream is in the long list of sites offering illicit streaming. Which makes it interesting for those who want to watch recent films that are not royalty-free at all. You need to know the exact URL to access this platform, the address of which is regularly blocked by the authorities due to non-compliance with intellectual property law. The site survives thanks to ads. Adblock cannot filter its unwanted popups. It is also possible that viruses take advantage of the current entertainment stream to embed themselves in your system. Use good protection., the portal for films from yesteryear

If you have a preference for cinema from the past, invites you to delve into the old reels. It’s a real time machine with completely new black and white sequences. Some feature films are silent. Others date from the first sepia-colored films. There are also animated films and documentaries or memoirs on current events from the last century. You can even listen to speech tapes or view university archives. Remember the address:

Filmdoo, the meeting place for independent filmmakers

With Filmdoo, you have alternative works to Hollywood studio productions. This streaming site devotes its entire catalog to independent directors. Rest assured, the small filming budget does not necessarily mean lack of quality. On the contrary, the themes addressed remain richly varied. Certain subjects challenge public opinion by going off the beaten track. The English platform offers you the opportunity to discover world cinema. Founded during the Cannes Film Festival, 2015 edition, it reminds us that the 7th art is truly universal.

Classic Cinema Online to see old films exclusively

Fans of films from the 30s to the 90s will enjoy Classic Cinema Online. This platform offers silent cinematographic works, but also series broadcast on television at the time of black and white sets. It’s a great choice for seeing old westerns or old-fashioned pirate stories. Fans of the nasal voices typical of 19th century soundtracks will be in heaven. There are also securities classified as institutions. The special effects of the period sometimes make you smile, but they reflect the creativity of directors of the past.

Peacock, a 100% American movie address

Legally available in the United States, Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal. This platform is geographically restricted, but it is possible to bypass the blocking using a virtual private network. A paid service, VPN allows you to change the IP address of your computer. The modification preserves your anonymity without you committing an illegal act. American productions such as “Casino Royal”, “Jurassic Park” or “Harry Potter” fill Peackock’s menu. The standard offer is $4.99, but a limited and free version with numerous advertisements remains available.

Voiranime, the animation portal

Cartoon fans will be delighted with Voiranime. This subscription-free platform offers you a rich catalog of titles. The site aims to appeal to as many people as possible and remains very easy to use. Its interface includes regular ads that you will not be able to filter with Adblock. The contents are animated films, but also series. Among the flagship offerings of the moment, there are recent mangas and cartoons not found on television.

PapaDuStream, the URL for ad-free viewing

PapaDuStream is not a movie streaming site. On the other hand, it offers a wide choice of series. These entertainments are delivered according to their release date. The platform broadcasts content in the language of Molière, but also suggests VOSTFR. These are soap operas, comedies or dramas in English with good French subtitles. The entire media library is offered without subscription or registration. It is entirely possible to watch your favorite soap operas at this address with the ad blocker activated.

Docus, the solution for watching documentary films

As its name explicitly indicates, LesDocus offers free access documentaries. These are quality reports on art, science or even History with a capital H. Its varied subjects appeal to students who need to enrich their general knowledge. Themes such as the paranormal or the biography of influential personalities are also covered. LesDocus uses the same model as the Culture Academy site in a free version. The paid platform is €5 per month if the idea of ​​subscribing to a documentary channel appeals to you.