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The best streaming sites in [month] [year]

Unlike television channels, streaming sites are accessible anywhere on any screen connected to the Internet. Whether you are at home, returning from work or at a campsite in the south of France, these platforms offer you a wide choice of entertainment. Films, animations, series or clips, you have it all. The next proposals may give you ideas on the addresses to visit.

General sites with a wide choice of streaming content,

Wawa City is a reference site for viewing without downloading. A jack of all trades, this platform has a huge range of media ranging from films to anime, including series and music videos. Very comprehensive, its catalog also includes games, e-books and software. You will find French feature films on There are also foreign productions in original version. Remember that this is a sort of directory offering you links to content such as the series “Stranger Things” season 4 or the film “Uncharted”.

VK Streaming ( is a free streaming site with a large number of categories, including adult manga (hentai). You access the entertainment that suits you without revealing your identity. You will not have to create an account. On the other hand, you will have to be patient with advertising interruptions. You can always try filter software such as Adblocker, but the popups will appear right in the middle of your movie session. Among the current offerings, there are “Anna”, “Dumbo”, “Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Show”.

Ocine no longer needs to be introduced to streaming regulars. As this platform offers completely free content, expect a little advertising too. The media library includes recent blockbusters and various other categories, including Japanese cartoons and American series. In any case, you have the original poster followed by a brief description. Find out more details at

Time2watch gives you access to its entire catalog without requiring a user account. The various media offered on this site are completely free. The platform interface remains very intuitive. On the other hand, you will have to demonstrate that you are not a robot. The publisher requires you from time to time to answer questions in the form of captchas. You will have to choose photos that correspond to a word spoken. This type of barrier awaits you from the home page, but also before launching online viewing from the URL

Quedustreaming is another reference in terms of free streaming. Among its content, you will find some 1,200 anime, 8,000 series and more than 50,000 HD films. The titles are listed in alphabetical order on In addition, there are no official visual posters. You will need to know the exact title of a feature film or serial to be able to watch it. Otherwise, you can always hover over a movie in the list and the information is displayed. The dialog box gives the duration, cast and synopsis.

French Stream invites you to appreciate the richness of its catalog. The list of films, series and manga offered is regularly updated. Media are categorized for easy navigation. In just a few clicks you will find the new products you want. In fact, you will have to make a choice from the home page. If the address does not work, you can always try its alternative plans, including

Platforms specialized in films and series

01streaming, which you will find at, is one of the sites that offer films and series without asking anything in return. The publisher invites each visitor to register for a better experience, but it is possible to close this dialog box. Viewing remains accessible without this formality. The real advantage of this provider would be a regular update, as if you have a subscription to paid SVODs such as IMDB or NETFLIX.

Free Streaming ( spares no effort to please movie buffs. The latter benefit from an ergonomic interface available in dark mode. You will find the entertainment you need quite easily thanks to the sections. Movies are sorted by upload date, download frequency and other criteria. Place the mouse on a choice that interests you and you will have its synopsis in a dialog box. This site mainly offers titles in 1080 p or Bluray/HD.

HDS streaming is among the suppliers who advocate quality over quantity. This platform mainly focuses on the most recent feature films. In any case, there is a classification by category. The filter allows you to select films based on a criterion of your choice, their release date for example. invites you to rewatch “Aquaman” with Jason Moamoa or “Enragé”, a fiction by Russell Crowe.

French-streaming should not be confused with French-stream. The first is a recommended address to watch feature films in the original version with French subtitles (VOSTF). It also has those that are already dubbed, that is to say in VF. Use categories and filters to navigate with ease. The default player for live viewing is overloaded with ads. That said, you always have the option of opting for another program that helps get rid of it. stands out for its clean interface and the clarity of its classification. Sorting films by genre and release years makes things much easier for visitors. Then there is the note thumbnail. An appreciation from Internet users out of a total of 10 gives an idea of ​​the feature film or series. This platform is free, but for some time now requires the creation of an account. The address remains:

Wiflix does not require any registration and its services remain completely free. This platform suggests quality entertainment, versus watching ads. Popups are even part of its business model. That said, the publisher lets you use an Adblock-type ad blocker. The latter fails to stop everything. is currently offering “Morbius”. In the series department, there is “Star Wars: Obiwan”.

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Streaming area limits the number of films in the catalog. The offer turns out to be quite limited for various reasons. The content is mainly hosted on YouTube, which remains vigilant in matters of copyright. In addition, the image quality remains relatively low on this social video sharing network. In any case, invites you to enjoy its long, medium and short films, in addition to television series.

It’s not good has ceded free streaming to its successor Cestpasmieux. This platform offers direct viewing of recent series and films. The categories will still have to be gradually enriched Among the links already available, there are “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, “Detective Pikachu” and “Avenger: Endgame”. On the series side, you have titles such as “The Lake”, a thriller focused on a family drama. remains a recommended address among many others. If you have time to kill, consider browsing the site’s many categories. Unexpected popups are common on this type of digital media. Unlimited Streaming is no exception to this rule and releases as much advertising as possible. That said, content such as “Maleficent”, “50 Shades Freed” or “OSS117” is worth watching a few ads.

Film specialists only

FR Movie Streaming devotes its catalog to cinema. The site hosts a wide selection of feature films classified by popularity, year of release or genre. That said, updates of uploaded content have been increasingly rare on since 2019. In the media library mainly composed of films in HD light, you have “Pirates of the Caribbean: until the end of the world”, “The Book of Eli” or “Le chat Poté”. As you can see, these are all film productions over 10 years old.

MoviesRip specializes in films released between 2010 and 2020. It is a free streaming address without any registration. It invites you to quickly find the work you need using a filter. Use the year if you know it. It is also possible to sort by genre. The range of offerings includes action, comedy, horror and thriller. is showing at reception the film “King” which follows the adventures of a lion cub destined for illegal wildlife trafficking.

Complete movie, whose pages are hosted at the URL is a streaming platform that specializes in films. The range of offers is growing steadily. Navigation still remains a little tedious with a slight lack of content classification. Sorting is limited to a few genres arranged in alphabetical order. You have to choose between: action, martial arts, adventure, biography, comedy, drama, documentary, horror, espionage, western, etc.

Vkstream or VKstreaming ( is a streaming site specializing in the 7th art. The platform’s interface remains pleasant overall, with the exception of a countdown which tends to last too long when opening each content. Regardless, the catalog is richly varied. Science fiction meets action and comedy. There are even true stories and good old-fashioned fighting films. Everything is in HD. Each element is also rated out of 10.

Streamay wants to be pragmatic and organizes his films into multiple categories. Visitors will be able to easily find what they need thanks to a relevant sorting tool. In addition to the release date and popularity, each feature film is subject to an evaluation displayed on the poster. Although this site seems abandoned for some time, it remains a recommended address, especially if you like the classics. There is “High School Musical” (2006) and “LOL”. The latter is a French production with Sophie Marceau in the cast. To see on:

WowFilms which you can visit from the address remains an alternative platform for free streaming. The site works quite well with its clean interface and numerous thumbnails. The editor took the trouble to note the quality of the image, audience appreciation and other criteria. The content update seems to have stopped in 2020, but the catalog remains interesting. is aimed exclusively at anime fans. He is one of the most recommended specialists in this type of entertainment. The popularity of Vostfree comes from a very wide range of offers. They are mainly manga. The titles are in Japanese, but this should be no problem for real fans. The publisher specifies whether the content is in the original version or with subtitling. There are also anime already in good French with a more or less successful imitation of the Levantine accent.

Bonus: quite specific addresses for streaming

There are also download sites which have their particularities:

  • focuses on series. You will need to pay attention to the domain name. Many sites share the same name voirseries.
  • watch presents offers similar to those of the competition except for one detail. The difference would be the obligation to open an account for free.
  • ch is also an exception since it requires the age of the visitor before giving them access to the films or not. It is an illegal downloading platform like so many others.
  • net wants to take as little risk as possible towards the piracy repression authorities. It only offers trailers, but occasionally the links provided are functional. The sites and seem to be in the same situation.
  • On and the Internet user does not have a choice of player. This can impact loading speed and image quality.
  • The YouTube and DailyMotion platforms sometimes accept the sharing of full films. You have to see the length of the video.