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The best streaming sites to watch series for free

Are you part of the “serivores” tribe? Would you like to see recent soap operas, without paying anything to video on demand (SVOD) sites like Netflix, OCS or Hulu? If you answer yes to these questions, know that there are different addresses that offer you the entertainment you are missing free of charge. These free streaming sites engage in such competition that their services rival those of paid SVODs. Here is a quick overview of the names to remember to watch your favorite series.

Prefer free streaming to paid SVODs to save money

Before going any further, it should be noted that with a few exceptions, free streaming is an illegal activity. However, watching series on paid platforms is not cheap either. In addition to the €15 to €20 for your Internet package, you will have to pay €20 for a monthly subscription. This milestone is difficult to cross in these times. For obvious economic reasons, many Internet users prefer free alternatives to pay-per-view video providers.

Accept some concessions with free platforms

Internet users who swap Amazon Prime Video, OCS and Play Canal for free providers will have to accept reduced image quality. You will have to forget about high definition, Full HD or 4 K sequences to make do with a low number of pixels. On monetized content providers, the ads are discreet. On alternative platforms, you are entitled to several interruptions with popups covering the entire screen. There is still another major advantage: you have access to exclusively American titles which will not be released in France any time soon.

The “Watch Series” streaming site

With its easy-to-recognize domain name, Voir Série ( does not hide the heart of its activity. The publisher invites you to watch popular series for free. On the menu, you have the choice between episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Fear The Walking Dead” or “The Blacklist”. To the delight of fans of fantasy fiction, the superheroine “Miss Marvel” awaits them on the home page. This is also the case for “The Flash” which is currently in its 8th season.

Wiflix, an essential address

Illicit, but free equivalent of Netflix, the Wiflix platform is often used to follow trendy series. In violation of French legislation on the right to intellectual property, the site offers recent titles with rather decent graphic quality. All episodes of soap operas such as “The Originals”, “Westworld” or “Riverdale” are available for immediate viewing. In addition to American and Korean entertainment, Japanese manga as well as feature films from around the world fill the catalog. Unless there is any change, you should be able to see everything at

CocoStream and its richly varied content

General streaming site, CocoStream deploys a richly diversified catalog. There are action films, horror features, documentaries, but also series of all kinds. Navigating its immense 329-page media library promises to be difficult if you don’t use the integrated search engine. Just enter the title of the soap opera or drama you need and the results are displayed instantly. Each poster includes a visitor rating, the genre and the definition of the image. The current address is:

Blue Series, the least loaded with advertising

Accessible at the URL, Blue Series is distinguished from others by the moderation of advertisements. Ads are less frequent during full viewing while streaming remains free. In addition to this greater ease of use, the site offers a wide range of entertainment in French or English, but with subtitles. The platform interface is self-explanatory. On its front page, it honors “Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “. That said, the unbeatable “Game Of Throne” remains one of the most popular at this address.

See Films, but not only

The site is called Voir Film (, but its range of offers also includes other entertainment. In addition to very recent blockbusters and cinema classics, there are the most requested American series. Children are not left out with an entire category dedicated to cartoons. The feeds are accessible without subscription or registration. Visitors especially appreciate the high definition images on this platform.

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SokroStream, a whole social network

Noted for its varied content, SokroStream represents more than yet another free streaming site. Extremely rare among providers on the fringes of legality, the platform offers files in 4 k. However, it is above all its social dimension which makes the real difference of this address. Internet users of good will can directly contribute to the uploading of films and series accessible to the entire community. Remember the URL:

Streaming zone, series and documentaries

Directory of links allowing you to watch films, Zone Téléchargement also offers URLs to watch the series directly. This platform does not save content, but collaborates with major hosts outside French jurisdiction. This allows it to remain on the verge of legality. In all cases, the entertainment offered has excellent resolution images. Some tricolor productions are in high definition quality. Besides the series, there are also interesting documentaries on

Liberty Land: downloading or streaming is a recommended address if you are looking for a general site for entertainment of all kinds. There are great cinemas to brighten up your evenings. The platform also suggests serials and various content. You are free to choose the stream you would like to watch streaming. The latest uploads are recent titles. Access to each file is done in just a few clicks.

Papy Streaming: registration is required

Currently available at, Papy Stream is one of the rare platforms to offer its entire catalog in HD. Its offering includes a wide variety of series ranging from “Squid Game” to “Validated” through various TV films and soap operas of all kinds. Streaming is free on this SVOD, but you will need to register. It’s just a formality that you can quickly complete to access a multitude of film genres. Action, animation, documentary, family, western, romance, etc., it’s all there.

33 Series more than thirty-three files

At you will find the most popular series of the moment. Among the long list of files offered are “Vikings”, “Gomorrah”, “Animal Kingdom”, “Money Weist: Korea” and other sought-after titles. Despite the large number of sections, the site interface remains very fluid. Loading is quick and the content is of fairly good quality. That said, the real difference would be the ability to choose from the media players on offer.

Netflix series, a clone that deserves attention

Taking its name from the market leader in video on demand, is a recommendable entertainment portal. The platform seeks to vary the pleasures with proposals that go off the beaten track. In its catalog, you will discover something other than “Stranger Things” and other “Casa de Papel”. Series Netflix gives pride of place to mangas as well as romantic comedies. Otherwise, new features such as “Partner of justice” or “Sugar Rush” are soon available on the site.

Paid offers accessible to your budget

The real problem with free streaming sites remains random image quality. The display becomes pixelated as soon as you display it on a large enough screen. So, if you plan to project on a medium other than the PC or Smartphone, it is better to consider subscribing to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Offering Full HD and 4K, two platforms regularly release exclusive series. If you are a Marvel fan, try subscribing to Disney+, the official broadcaster of superhero adventures. For less than €20, it is possible to have a plan with several screens simultaneously.

Some legal and free sites

With sites such as, you will be able to watch series or documentaries legally, without paying a single cent. This German channel doesn’t necessarily offer the same entertainment as its American counterparts, but rest assured, the content is still interesting. This is also the case with the platform. As its name suggests, it is a web portal of a group of French televisions. Explore paid sites that offer a 30-day free trial.

Our latest tips for streaming

If you need image quality, Wiflix remains the benchmark. That said, other platforms have their respective advantages. For all of these providers, you should protect yourself against viruses and malware. These programs can slip into your computer or SmartTV during the streaming session. Finally, if possible, subscribe to a VPN service. The virtual private network allows you to browse anonymously. Neither the authorities, nor your Internet service provider and even less hackers will know what you do online. Long live your digital freedom!